Sunday, March 20, 2016

Very Busy But.....

We spent the day with Jesse and Bella (Katelyn had to work).  The day started about 9ish with Duane and Jesse plumbing in the new kitchen sink, disposal, reverse osmosis water filter and filter system to the refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker. All of you handy people will understand why this was an all day job when I explain that this is a remodeling job.  Some of the elements were new, some reused, some (like plastic hoses) replaced.  Of course some of the new things were difficult to fit on the older ones and required extra trips to different stores hunting for parts that did fit.   I played with Bella all day.  We didn't really do anything very active because the weather was chilly with a strong wind, but changing activities every 10 minutes (4 year old attention span) takes patience.  A lot of that time was spent shopping for plumbing supplies (the guys) and keeping an active kid out of trouble in the Home Depot and Loew's (me).  Bella and I looked at a lot of  windows and toilets, then tried out a lot of front doors before we went to the wood section to smell the new wood. At the grocery Jesse took over while I did a little shopping.  At home again I tried to play taking a nap.  The 10 min rule didn't apply.  Napping was limited to 30 seconds before the rooster (Bella) crowed.  (I could have made her take a nap, but where's the fun in that?)  All kidding aside, we enjoyed  a lot of quality bonding time and the guys got the new sink and plumbing completely installed.  Jesse was very grateful to be able to do a job uninterrupted by other responsibilities.

Nap time was out, but to make Bella rest I turned on the tv babysitter.  I always watch with the grandkids to see what they are watching every day and to see what they are learning.  Bella requested Callou (Cayou) a series of stories about a  preschool age boy.  The stories centered on things such as change is ok--you can eat your grilled cheese sandwiches cut diagonally instead of straight across.  After a couple of episodes of this I switched to The Powerpuff Girls.  These are three little girls with super powers. They do stuff like stop the bad guys then let them go when they promise to be good.  This cartoon is line the Bullwinkle Show with its subtle adult humor and gags.  For example the narrator said that to trick people the bad guys dressed up like the Powerpuff Girls.  What a drag!  We adults laughed til we cried.

After Bella went to bed the guys and I relaxed with a game of  cut throat (double 12) Mexican Train.

We took the camera but didn't even think about taking pix.  In fact, we forgot to take the camera when we left.

To round out this wonderful posting, here are some interesting tidbits.  The first St. Patrick's Day parade was not in Ireland.  Some sources place it in Boston, Mass. in 1737.  Others put the first St. Paddy's Day parade in New York City in 1762.  Looks as if America has been green once a year for a long time.

Another fun fact is that Benjamin Franklin was the first person in the US to be appointed Postmaster General.  OK, so maybe it isn't a fun fact but it is interesting.  Or not.  Anyway don't forget to dust off your fridge coils every few months to keep it running efficiently.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun,

Louise and Duane

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