Friday, March 25, 2016

More Goofiness

Since this was another beautiful sunny day, we decided to do laundry and to go to the store again!  Duane needed to get a prescription filled so we hopped the bike for the Wal-Mart Superstore in La Grange.  Not sure but I think this is the La Grange from the ZZ Top song.  The sun was hot, the breeze was cool, the sky was blue, the flowers blooming.

 In La Grange we crossed the Colorado River again.

The town was founded in 1858.  At that time it was common for a town to want to be known as a pleasant, safe, law-abiding place to live.  The founders would hire a renowned architect (the best they could afford) to design their courthouse as a statement to that effect.    

The original downtown area

We had a very pleasant ride, the first we attempted since we arrived here on Wednesday.  The wind on the previous two days has been rather fierce, but today it calmed to a pleasant breeze.  After we returned we relaxed a bit.  Duane has been reading Nick Russell's newest Big Lake book.  Nick is a full-time rver and publisher of the travel newspaper The Gypsy Journal.  He is also a pretty good who-dunnit writer.  We especially enjoy his Big Lake series.  I put away groceries and spent some time with Louis L'Amour--The Quick and The Dead.  After a bit we rousted ourselves to walk up the hill and bat around the pickleball for some exercise.  While we were there another couple showed up and we enjoyed a few games.  Unfortunately, they are leaving tomorrow.  O well.  

Since this entry is short I will include some information Duane found about the big cannon in the Quintana County RV Park.  It was part of the Temporary Harbor Defense Freeport during WWII.  There was another battery emplacement, 5 splinter-proof magazines, a plotting room, and a Battery Command Station.  Other structures included 46 six-man huts, 2 fifteen-man huts, a mess hall, supply room, recreation building, dayroom and a motor repair shed.  THD Freeport safeguarded the area's magnesium, sulfur, and petroleum industries and protected shipping from the Brazos River against attack from surface vessels and German U-Boats.  The Defense was constructed in 1942 and inactivated in 1944 because implementation of a convoy system along with aircraft reconnaissance eventually make the local defense works unnecessary.  

Be sure to tune in again tomorrow for more fun.

Louise and Duane

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