Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not much new here.

There is not much new happening here in New Mexico. Since we got back from our Dallas trip it has been work our 2 days, hang out in the park and taking rides on the motorcycle. I have put over 500 miles on the bike in the 3 weeks since I got it. I made 2 trips of over 100 miles, all the rest short trips around town just getting use to all the different road condition and the traffic. Louise rode on the back Monday for the first time. She said she had a good time and is ready for more rides. I think we will go on a site seeing trip to a ghost town near here that we haven't made it to yet. We will see what she says after a 100 mile
Our time here is getting short. We will leaving here the end of November heading to Texas to visit the kids, take care of some doctor stuff and have Christmas with family there. We are not sure yet if we will get to Ohio over the holidays or not. Airline prices are going up and we don't have the air miles to cover it so we are thinking about driving. I am not to crazy about going there in the winter. I think they should move Christmas to, so it would warm when we got to Ohio. I guess we have to make our minds up pretty soon so we can make plans about leaving the trailer somewhere safe while we are gone. We are going to Congress, Az the first of February and will be working there till the end of April.
That's it for now
Duane and Louise

Friday, October 07, 2011

My new toy

We left Deming on the 27th headed for Dallas to help our son and family move to a new home. Jr. has had my bassboat every since we hit the road. He did not have room to store it at the new place so I decided to try and trade it for the bike I have been wanting. We made several trip to a dealer that handles all types of outdoor vehicles including boats. They have a good selection of used bikes. After 2 days of negociating we reached a deal. When we sat down to do the paperwork the deal had changed and not in my favor. I had the original paperwork in hand and told the guy that was all I was going to pay. Seems the guy that wrote the deal had messed the figures by about $400.00. I told the the closer that I would go out and hook the boat up and be on my way. He left the room, came back and said they would honor the deal as written. Part of the deal with the salesman was helmets for Louise and me. When he refigured, he said one helmet was with the deal. I said you better go back and talk to the salesman. He left the room again, came back and said one helmet was not going to stop the sale. So, paperwork done, I saved a little money, they helped me load the bike in the truck and off we went.
We left Dallas area on the 4th about 7:30 AM heading back to Deming. The trip was about 750 miles. I decided I would drive it in one day. I didn't want get a motel with the bike in the back of truck. We arrived at home about 8:00PM. The next day I went looking for a place to unload the bike. I found no good spot to do the job. Then I had a great idea. Back the truck up to the trailer, put the ramp of the trailer on the tailgate of the truck, roll bike in trailer, move truck, roll bike down trailer ramp and out.... Problem.... trailer is backed into a spot, up to a fence, can't lower gate. No problem, move trailer. Problem, bike in truck, took hitch out help son move. Ok no problem, just have wait till friend gets back so he can move the trailer for us. He got back about 6PM that evening. After moving the trailer the unloading, loading, unload worked like a charm. The bike is on the ground. Thursday we had to work, plus the wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour, didn't get to ride. Today, worked, wind came up, decided to wait to ride. Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow so I can get out on it.
The bike is a 2002 Harley Fatboy. It is dark green, looks blue in the right light. It has a lot of add ons and a lot of chrome.
We had a great time visiting with the kids and grandkids while in Dallas, but it is always good to be back in our own place.
Till next time
Duane and Louise