Saturday, October 20, 2018

Working Again

Another nice day here at Saddle Mountain RV Park in Tonopah, AZ., although after several nice cool days, we are getting back to the normal 90 degree daytime temps for this area this time of year.

We were joined at pickleball practice by Christine, a full-timer who winters here every year.  After lunch Duane had the blahs and didn’t work on his carving.  He took a nap.  I worked on my quilt blocks.  They are tricky and have to be assembled in the right order or  the points won’t meet and they won’t lay flat.  So far I’ve completed two.  The first was very humpy with uneven points.  The second was less so.  The third—still in progress—is looking better.  I figure that by the time I get to the last one, number 54, I’ll have it figured out.  I plan to hide the imperfect ones in the quilting process.  If that doesn’t work, they’ll go around the edges!

Workin’ it tomorrow too.

Louise and Duane

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Always Worth Watching

When there are no clouds we still have beautiful sunsets:

the western horizon glows orange


while the eastern turns purple and pink.


Sitting on my couch watching the color play every night is a tough job, but I’m up to it.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Adult? Activities

Back on track with my quilt project, today I started turning this pile of fabric pieces into 12” blocks.  Duane detailed ornament number 9.


In the evening I relax with adult color by number or Sudoku.  Duane amuses himself with computer stuff  and


playing with his beard.


Isn’t it cute!

Amusing ourselves is not a problem.

Louise and Duane

No Pix

After we practiced pickleball today Duane worked on an ornament while I made a concoction for lunch called Cock N Bull Stew.  Years ago, Jonathan Winters, a nationally known comedian, a member of the Winters National Bank  family (now a part of JP Morgan-Chase), and a native of Dayton, Ohio.  During a visit to his home town, Winters shared this recipe with readers of the Dayton Daily News where my mom got the recipe.  Now it’s readily available online. It isn’t complicated but takes some time to cook the beef, then add the chicken, then the vegetables.  I didn’t have any steak sauce, so I used red wine. It is delicious.  After lunch I had an attack of the blahs and goofed off instead of working on my next project. 

Tomorrow’s another day.

Louise and Duane

Monday, October 15, 2018

Chore day

Since we had to drive to Goodyear to get the oil changed in the truck, we decided to take care of some other chores while we were there. 

Our old faucet didn’t swivel—totally wrong for a double sink—and was always loose and leaky. 


This one works great.


Trying to find the right thread for Thor’s Hammer (see Another One Done blog), I suddenly realized that I needed to replenish my stock of thread.  Mission accomplished.


Yep!  Flu shots!


Town chores done, back to work on projects.

More rain predicted.

Louise and Duane

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another One Done

Here is my latest project—a quilted wall hanging of Thor’s Hammer, a famous rock formation in Bryce Canyon National Park. (This was put together from a kit.)


Now I can get serious about that quilt!

Duane’s  busy with his project, too.

Louise and Duane

Work Day

Other than Duane driving to Buckeye to play pickleball with the big boys, we worked on our Christmas projects today.  It was a good day to do that because it rained most of the day.  As an rv-er, this type of weather—cool and damp—I find difficult.  To keep the inside air dry we need to run the air conditioner or the heat, but the temperature is too warm for heat and too cool for air conditioning.  We end up being uncomfortably chilly.  We did accomplish a lot, though.  Duane has put rough details on 5 ornaments.  I have almost finished my little quilted wall decoration.  I have only to add the border and a way to hang it for it to be finished. 

Tomorrow is another work day.

Louise and Duane

Friday, October 12, 2018

Changed Our Minds

No bike ride today.  We were going to take the bike to town to do a couple of things—mostly just to take a ride—but after pickleball practice I was too tired.  A sky full of dark clouds made Duane nervous about riding the bike, and he was easy to convince that we should skip it today. 

Instead, I made another bracelet for my sister.  This one was a “dressy” one in fall colors.  I had it ready to mail before I thought of taking a picture. Hmmm.  I also put away all of my bead stuff and prepared my work space for sewing again. 

Since I had time for it, I decided to try a new (for me) mac-n-cheese recipe.  I usually make the Wegley recipe which calls for Colby longhorn cheese.  This was my first stab at creamy white mac-n-cheese with seafood.  It was pretty good, except I put too much flour in the B├ęchamel sauce, which made it too thick to be very creamy.  I also thought it a bit salty, but a bit of lime juice took care of that, and brought out the flavor of the cheeses.  I used a combination of gruyere, gouda, asiago (in place of sharp white cheddar), and parmesan.  For seafood, I used shrimp and small scallops.  All in all pretty successful.

Rain scheduled tomorrow.

Louise and Duane


Arizona has dramatic and beautiful sunsets.  Enjoy!

eastern sky




western sky




Short ride tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Much Better

After our bike ride on Monday, we took another day off on Tuesday—this time to do more shopping.  We left at 9am and returned at 6pm.  Most of that time we spent driving to and from stores.  Unlike our last shopping trip (see Who’d A Thought blog), this trip was very successful for me.  I finally found a quilt shop with the fabric I was looking for.  We  located the big JoAnn Store, and there was all the stuff I had come to expect from that store.  I found my orange beads, a whole rack of Halloween charms, and batting.  Yay!  These finds allowed me to finish my bracelet project today.  I became inspired and made three bracelets in all.  Now the beading stuff will be replaced by sewing stuff again.


Duane was busy also.  He finished shaping and smoothing this rough cut pile of grandkids’ Christmas ornaments.


Now that they’re all nice and smooth, he has started carving in the details.


As usual, we took time out to practice pickleball this morning.  We are finally getting some relief from the hot weather.  This whole week the temperature is staying in the 80’s with nighttime lows in the 50’s—about 10 degrees lower than normal.  We’ll take it!

Work day tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Out And Down Part 2

On the road to Why we passed through the town of Gila Bend.  Situated at the junction of AZ 85 and I 8, this town boasts several restaurants and fast food places, two $ stores, and 4 our fueling stations including a Love’s truck stop.


The town of Ajo (Ah-ho) consists of several small businesses including a half dozen places to buy Mexican insurance,


and (you have to love this) Jeb’s Auto Repair and Gift Shop,


and a  spruced up downtown tourist area


with lots of murals.



Our turnaround point was Why, population 116.  This gas station is the main part of Why.  The rest consists of a few scattered houses and two rv parks.  A few miles south of Why is the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument which continues south for about 25 miles to the Mexican border.

We didn’t stop here.  We pulled in, turned around, and headed north back to Ajo,


where we did stop—at this little place for lunch.


The patio seating area (left behind the building in the pic above), is about as small as the indoor seating area.  Just after we arrived the place filled up inside and out.  We enjoyed our burgers and fries, and continued north for home.


We made two more stops before we arrived home.  The first was at this border patrol station where we were sniffed, asked what nationality we were, and waved on our way with a smile.  The second was to refuel the bike.


Other interesting things we experienced included riding across the historic long truss bridge Gillespie Dam Bridge.  The bridge was opened to traffic in 1927.  It cost $320,000 (in 2007 it would have cost $3,950,000).  At the time it was the longest highway bridge in AZ.  The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.


The only wildlife we saw was this field full of white egrets


and this coyote which was wandering around the parking lot in Why.


Time to get back to work.

Louise and Duane