Thursday, November 16, 2017

Down And Up

Duane has been doing off and on battle with some kind of bug for the last couple of days.  Today the bug won and he more or less rested all day. 

Since our pickleball partners were busy again this morning, I decided to make cabbage rolls for lunch before I went to do the laundry.  I had to wait while two people before me cycled through, which added two hours to my usual two hours.  Sheesh!.  I had to come home for lunch and go back!  I was looking forward to pickleball in the afternoon, but by then the only heavy rain of the day arrived and soaked everything.   Instead, Duane found some energy and agreed to go to the grocery (around 5 pm).

When we returned at 7, he rested and did a little of carving while I put away groceries and made two loaves of zucchini bread—after I cleaned the oven of the cabbage roll overflow.  While they baked I made a trip to the dumpster.  Then I sat down—at 9pm.. 

I was unhappy that I had to do so many chores today, but I was glad that they are all done now. 

Tomorrow maybe we can get back to our pickleball/projects routine.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Flying Around

The afternoon weather was perfect for a little ride on the Eagle.  Our route took us west on SH90, north and west on 1383 to Dubina, Ammannsville, and Swiss Alp, south on SH 77 to High Hill, west on SH 90 to Praha, then east on 90 through Schulenburg back home.

As with all of the roads in this area, the state highways are usually pretty straight


while the back roads were more scenic and interesting to ride.




In our riding around we actually went through only two towns—Weimar, with its luscious deep purple street sign,


and wonder War of the Worlds Martian water tower,


with its old downtown architecture.


The object of our ride was to visit the local “painted churches”.  They are called painted because the interiors are meticulously hand painted with great care and detail to depict the glory of God.

Sts. Cyril and Methodius



No marble columns here;  these are painted wood.


St. John the Baptist



Nativity of Mary, Blessed Virgin



more wood painted to look like marble


St. Mary’s Church of the Assumption




All of the painted churches were built and painted by German/Czech Catholic immigrants.

We visited two churches not on the tour.

This one was Lutheran 



and this Presbyterian church was locked.  I found it interesting that both front doors were bright red.


From Praha SH 90 led us back home,


past the drowned car cemetery which has grown quite a bit since we came here.


No trip planned tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Getting There

Perfect pickleball playing weather.  We usually arrive first to clean off the court.  For some reason this court was laid out under the oaks, which constantly drop debris on the surface.


Next we measure and retighten the net, which could be in better shape. 


Then we play.  We had five people today, which allowed for one person to chase balls.  For some reason, whomever put in this court didn’t think about containing the balls which can go quite a way—even across the road. 


Afternoons are for projects.  Today I completed number two of three Christmas tree skirts.  These are always two sided, one side for Christmas, one for winter.




After the recipients have seen them I will show you what the others look like, and Duane can show this year’s grandkids’ ornament design.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Louise and Duane

Monday, November 13, 2017


The weather was fantastically beautiful today, so of course we spent most of it indoors.  Everybody who played pickleball had other stuff to do today, including us.  We drove the truck 50 miles to Katy, TX for some major shopping. 

First stop was the JoAnn store for some fabric I need to finish my projects. I really like the new Christmas fabric this year.  I found a piece that will complete the project I started on Saturday.  I hope I still like it after I cut it and lay it out.

Next stop was lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse with a gift card from last Christmas.  After that was a trip to Costco.  There we stocked up on our favorite dark chocolates, among other things.  Texas is a little short of Longhorn Steakhouses and Costcos.  They are few and far between.  We were glad to take advantage of them. 

Last stop was Camping World.  Duane has been depriving himself of satellite tv for six years and making due with antenna tv, but the terrible reception here has done him in.  We are only 50 miles from Houston, but for some reason national channels like ABC, NBC and CBS will just disappear for a minute or for several hours for no apparent reason.  This is especially frustrating with something like NCIS when the killer is being revealed in the last 3 minutes and the reception disappears until just into the next show.  I don’t mind watching it next day on the computer, but it drives Duane nuts.  Now he is a happy camper.

Whenever we were in a store I shopped for Christmas presents.  Since we’re on the road we have to have boxes ready to mail during the first two weeks of December for them to arrive on time.  A couple of boxes need to be sent even earlier people who will be out of town.  With only two to three weeks left, we’d better get our projects done!

We will fit in another ride before we leave, though.

Louise and Duane

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Same Again

You won’t believe this, but our day today was the same as the last two!  We played pickleball in the morning and worked on our projects in the afternoon.  The weather was even the same, a tad bit warmer.

I took these pix at the pioneer village we visited Tuesday.  Enjoy!





Tomorrow we ride.

Louise and Duane

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Today was a repeat of yesterday:  same weather (except the breeze was a bit warmer), same activities—pickleball in the morning, projects in the afternoon.

Duane worked on the grandkids’ Christmas ornaments at his workspace.


I cut out Christmas fabric for my projects.


Tomorrow looks about the same, but who knows?

Louise and Duane

Friday, November 10, 2017

Beautiful Day

After three days and nights of solid cloud cover, we were ready for some beautiful light. The sunlight made colors bright,




and the warmer air made our morning walk very enjoyable.



We saw no deer this morning, but did see this unusual sight.


We happened to find pickleball players looking for some fun.  As we joined these four, four more people out for a walk decided to play with us. Ten people made for some lively games for a couple of hours.  Now that we’ve found each other, we plan to play every day that we can.


In the afternoon the cloud cover returned, but the temperature warmed up enough so that we didn’t need heaters.  Nice.  We spent the afternoon making Christmas gifts. 

See you on the court.

Louise and Duane