Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Answer To The Question

In Sunday’s blog I asked what would we do a week without children.  The answer: spend hours sharing food and fun with old friends.


We joined Amy and Brian this evening.  Brian is a blacksmith.  He and Amy love to travel, especially on their motorcycle.


The Springfield, OH skyline viewed from the parking lot when we went in,


and when we came out.


During the day we play pickleball, Duane does computer stuff, and I sew Christmas presents.

Tomorrow, more of the above.

Louise and Duane

Monday, September 18, 2017

Still Visiting

With only a week left of our 10 week stay in Ohio, we are managing to connect with a few people we haven’t seen yet and to enjoy one last visit with people that we’ve visited before.

This evening we met (daughter) Stacy and her partner Ruth Ann halfway between us for dinner.  The place they chose was City Barbeque, a little hole in the wall place, which was conveniently located right next door to Graeter’s Ice Cream.


Inside you go to the counter to order your meat and sides, then go around the corner to get your drink and find a seat.  The inside looks and smells just like any b-b-q joint in the South, but didn’t offer  dill pickles and onions.

Oooohh! Creepy guy!


Next to the restroom mirror.


We all stuffed face when we weren’t yakking.  Two hours passed in a flash.

Tomorrow, dinner with blacksmithing friends.

Louise and Duane

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beautiful Sunday

On Maddy’s last camping day we all slept until 9 then took a stroll around the rv park.  After lunch we waded the creek,


and played some games. 


Back at her house Duane and I goofed off with the family.

The afternoon was perfect for hole digging,


stilt walking,


touch football,


kitten cuddling,


grilling delicious pork chops for dinner,


and making s’mores for dessert.


Before Duane and I said goodbye, we watched the kids playing a jelly bean game.  Each color of jelly bean had either a good or a nasty flavor.  One at a time you pick a bean, chew and swallow it and announce the flavor.  If it was nasty, you could take a drink.  The first one to spit out a nasty one lost.


Maddy did not appreciate her rotten egg flavor. 


Too soon the fun was over.  We collected hugs, said goodbye until Saturday, and found our way home.

Whatever shall we do without kids for a week?

Louise and Duane

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Since we had to move because of the incoming flea market set up, we decided to brave the narrow bridge that leads to the dump station and empty our tanks.  Maddy was happy to push the buttons that close and open the slides.  Just for fun she rode in the house while we maneuvered around the campground.


For more fun we took these pictures from the roof after we got set up again.


Our former spot was just beyond that group of rvs on the right.


The campground was hosting a garden tractor pull.  Here are a couple of Maddy’s picks.



This afternoon Maddy finished her sewing project.

No camping trip is complete without a fire and s’mores.


One more camping day.

Louise and Duane (and Maddy)

Friday, September 15, 2017


This is my Aunt Rhonola who was married to my Uncle Paul, the uncle who almost made it to 100 years.  Duane and I had a nice visit with her in her apartment before she showed us around the rest of the retirement center.


We said goodbye to Auntie and hello to (granddaughter) Maddy, here for her birthday present camping weekend.

She enjoyed her card and admitted that she thought the journal was probably for her.  She said she couldn’t read it because it was written in cursive!  I guess she’ll have to learn if she wants to know what it says.


To celebrate her visit we had to make chocolate chip cookies.  They look kinda funny but they taste just fine.


More fun with Maddy tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Enough Rain Already!

Another gray wet day.  We had a glimmer of sun this afternoon, but otherwise it stayed wet, chilly, and gloomy most of the day and evening.  Another good day for chores.  Today was laundry and grocery.

To cheer myself up I finished copying Maddy’s book into her journal which I will give her tomorrow.  Last Sunday she put pom-poms on the journal in addition to her brothers and my pretzel jar.  She didn’t know this was for her when she helped me pick it out.


When it was done, I put her card on top and tied it up.  Looks quite different, doesn’t it!


A busy day tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Yesterday Today

Yesterday, since we were pretty much shut in by rain, we used the time by working on some projects. 

I worked on a sewing project for (daughter) Rachel and copied my handwritten copy of Maddy’s book into her journal.   Duane bought an air hitch for the house and arranged to have it installed in Missouri after we leave here.  He also updated the GPS maps which took 20 hours to update, and tied up the computer so that I couldn’t blog last night.

For supper we met with friends Pam and Eddie for one last visit.  We had a good time visiting and eating at their favorite Italian restaurant with them and their daughter Toni and her husband Jack while we celebrated Toni’s birthday.

This evening I’ll tell you what we did today so that you can read it tomorrow!

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

That’s All, Folks!

Pickleball isn’t all we did all day, but all we did with other people.  We were going to attend (grandson) Judah’s soccer game, but rain moved in so we stayed home.

A rare picture or two with me in it.



What you can’t see here is Duane playing without his knee braces.  Yay!


Since we will be here at Poor Farmer’s RV Park for 10 days, I set up my sewing table and plan to take care of a few projects.

Tomorrow should be a more productive day.

Louise and Duane