Friday, May 26, 2017

Backdoor Permission

All of Duane’s tests,we learned, were looking for blood clots because an indicator in his blood had a number of 8.3 instead of the normal .0-.04.  All of his subsequent tests—chest x-ray and ct scan, and leg sonogram—turned up nothing.  Duane went to pt this morning before his afternoon sonogram.  When he explained his situation to his therapist, she said that she would rather wait until all tests were in before she resumed pt.  Home he went to lay low until he got the ok from our doctor to resume exercise and pt.  I lay low because the weather turned hot ( mid 80’s, with an afternoon high of 91) and humid by 10 am and made it too hot for a 2 mile walk.  About 4 pm, the dr.’s office called to say that there was no indication of any clots and no indication that Duane couldn’t resume his activities.  She could not say anything definite because the doc was out of the office all next week and hadn’t looked at the last test result and hadn’t given her official ok.  Hmmm.  We decided to take  walk around at 6 pm.  Bad idea.  We made a mile at about 2 mph, and decided that we should have waited until after sunset.  It was hot inside our house too.  Duane did a few chair exercises and called it good enough. 

More hot weather tomorrow before we get a break.

Louise and Duane

Thursday, May 25, 2017

No Fun

It’s my fault that today we had to make two trips to Tyler for tests.  I had called our doctor to voice my concerns over Duane’s behavior.  In the last week or so his optimistic attitude and energy level plummeted.  I wanted to know if this “down” attitude and tendency to sleep instead of do home pt was a natural part of a long recovery or if his medications needed a second look, or if there could be some other concern.  Our dr. (I really mean the nurse on dr.’s orders, of course) replied by ordering a lung xray and more bloodwork.  To cheer him up I suggested that (we have breakfast out (since breakfast is his favorite meal out) after his fasting bloodwork.  His response was so-so.  After he ate he said that it “just didn’t taste right.”  Hmmm.  This evening our dr called again to say that he needed a ct scan of his lungs, which he had this evening.  He also is scheduled for a sonogram tomorrow afternoon.  I will tell his therapist tomorrow morning what has been going on.

More info as we get it.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Squinty Eyed

We were woken this morning by a bright light.  We squinted through the day with sunglasses under clear blue sky, bright sun and a few buffy white clouds pushed around by a cooling wind.  A perfect spring day!!!!  We welcomed it with open arms.  Duane was so energized that he walked a mile and a half!.  One lady we passed was just standing outside with her arms open and her face to the sun.  Dogs were thoroughly walked, children sent outside to run around, dinners cooked on grills, smiling faces everywhere.  You’d think we lived with the Ingalls’ in the Little House On The Prairie! 

What a great day!  We hope you had one too!

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Who’s The Genius?

I’ve been wondering about the answer to this question since I’ve been seeing ads for those “medical device” services.  You know the ones I mean.  They give you free back or knee braces or some such and will contact Medicare for you.  “Of course”, I think, “you will have to give them your Medicare claim number for that.”  That got me to thinking about my Medicare card.  When I got my Social Security card, I was told to never carry it, but to lock it away in a safe place.  Once anyone got my number, I was warned, then my life and my finances would be toast.  Then I received my Medicare card.  “Carry it with you!”  I was told.  Really?  When I looked at my brand new Medicare card number what did I find but my Social Security number!  So let’s recap.  Hide my Social Security card and carry my Medicare card.  The question remains, “Who’s the genius who decided that my Medicare claim number should be my Social Security number?” 

Just one of my musings on yet another rainy day.

Louise and Duane

Monday, May 22, 2017


If you have read my chilly rainy day blogs before, you would not be surprised to see beautiful, brightly colored flowers as my way of thumbing my nose at the weather. 

Instead, today I give you goofy faces!



Take that, nasty weather!

Louise and Duane

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Almost Official

To qualify as a nasty day, the weather has to be chilly and wet.  This morning was officially nasty weather-wise, but a great time to visit and play with the family.  Luke missed this morning’s breakfast at Denny’s because he stayed up too late last night, but we took breakfast home to him.  Allie, who loves a rainy day, present and chatty. (Don’t be deceived by her picture.  She is a just bit self-conscious about her metal mouth.)  Jennifer, as usual, opted for a sleep-in.


The rain persisted so we decided to be productive and make peach pie.  We played a lively game of Payday while Jennifer enjoyed her pizza breakfast and the pie baked.


Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the pie until it was almost gone.  We opted for a crumble crust instead of a double crust.  It was much yummier.  Grandpa, the invalid, got to take home the last two pieces.


About 2 pm Duane lost energy and needed to sit in his recliner with ice on his knees.  The clouds thinned out and let the sun shine enough to warm the air past 60 d.  After a couple of hours, though, the clouds and chilly,damp air returned, but not the rain.

Nice to get out for a visit.

Louise and Duane

Saturday, May 20, 2017


We received an owl today!  Our newlyweds went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter for their honeymoon, and sent us greetings via a postcard!  (In the Harry Potter stories wizarding  people send messages via owls.)

That was the most exciting thing that happened today!  Oh wait!  That was the only thing that happened today!

Yeesh, this recovery business is slow and boring!

Louise and Duane