Monday, July 24, 2017


Yard work and house work dominated the morning.  As a reward, we took ourselves to Greenville’s local burger joint.   Maid-Rite is original for many reasons.  This location is the only one.  The beef is ground in the basement and prepared upstairs.


Half of the little building is seating, the other half is kitchen.  What makes Made-Rite’s different is that the meat is not made into patties.  The ground beef is seasoned, fried, and put onto buns loosely.  They don’t make any other hot food.  Potato chips (Mike-Sells brand, also a uniquely Ohio product), are extra.  For drinks they offer sodas, malts, and shakes. 

Today the place was uncharacteristically empty.  Usually there is a line of cars around the block for the drive thru and dine in.


After lunch and a trip to the grocery, we completed the work we started this morning.  In the evening we drove to Greenville Park to play Shuffleboard.  Their neighbors are Shuffleboard ambassadors and invited us to join the local group for a few games.  We could have joined the round robin play, but since we seldom play, we just made our own team.


None of us has played this game since January, and not on this nice of a surface.  By the second game we were beginning to get the hang of it again.


The group plays for an hour.  We helped the neighbors clean up by sweeping up the surface coating of tiny glass beads.


The pucks were waxed, then we all went to McDonald’s for supper.  (That shaker is how the glass beads are distributed onto the surface.)


Tomorrow’s another busy day.

Louise and Duane

PS.  There is one more thing that makes Made-Rite unique.  You see all those little colored dots on the bricks outside of the building?  They’re all wads of chewing gum.  It’s traditional for new visitors to be initiated by leaving their own gum.  Some couples have used their gum to make arrow-pierced hearts with their initials.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Fun

Gene and Barbara’s grandson invited us all to lunch today.  He and his wife are sports fans so their two year old son has a variety of sports oriented toys.  He also has this step stool to help mom at the sink.  The family has a dog named Brutus.  Did I mention that they are Ohio State football fans?


When we returned to G & B’s house the guys napped while Barbara and I played one of our favorite games—Triominos. 


After supper we all played cards until everyone started yawning.


Louise and Duane

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Work and Play

Our friends Gene and Barbara live in the country outside Greenville, OH.  Their property is very typical of those in this area—5-10 acre lots with plenty of room for flower beds, vegetable gardens, and lots of lush green grass. 

Our house is there on the right in the back.


Directly behind the house is Gene’s workshop and garage.  Beyond that is his vegetable garden and raspberry patch.


Across the street is a cornfield.  Hey! How’d that Creepy Guy get here?


While Gene and Barbara finished laying their living room floor Duane and I took our walk down the road.


Floor done, we helped move the furniture back in and put tools and equipment away. 


For supper we went down the road and around the corner to the beautifully maintained Turtle Creek Golf Course.


The restaurant is L-shaped with a bar and high tables in one leg,


tables and chairs in the other, plus seating on the screened porch.  The food was good, and the prices reasonable.


After dinner it was back to the house for a movie.

Tomorrow no work is allowed.

Louise and Duane

Friday, July 21, 2017

How Could I Forget?

This week we have been kid sitting our Ohio grand kids, and reacquainting ourselves with our grand cat Taylor (Swift)  and  our grand dog, which I mistakenly identified as a Labradoodle. Granddaughter Maddy requested that I clarify that Buckeye is a Golden Doodle.    When we visit we park in their back yard, with water  and 20 amp electric.  Since the weather has been very hot and humid this week, we have been staying in the house when we weren’t outside playing.  On at least one night of our visit, the kids beg to stay all night in our house.  Last night we decided to bite the bullet and brave the heat.  The kids didn’t mind in the least.  I forgot to take pix last night.  These were taken this morning.  The boys slept in back of our toyhauler 5th wheel,


Maddy opted to snuggled across one recliner. 


Each day this week one of the kids decided what to cook for breakfast with me as assistant chef.  On Wednesday Jude chose bacon and scrambled eggs, Maddy made banana chocolate chip muffins on Wednesday with sausages for Jude, Gramps and me, and today Simon prepared scrambled eggs and mini bagles.  After breakfast we had only half a day to play before they had to do chores and we had to get packed up to move.  The goodbye is only temporary.  We will return here in a little over a week.


Meantime, we drove our house to Greenville.  Our route took us through the pretty town of Troy.


Troy spreads several miles east to west, with a very pretty downtown area with lots of thriving small businesses here and larger businesses westward closer to I75.  The downtown square hosts different street artists each summer called Sculpture On The Square. 


This summer the square features Las Biciletas, Urban Art from Mexico to the World.


Historic courthouse


Historical Center


We went to Greenville to visit our friends Gene and Barbara.  We will park in their driveway for a week or so, helping them with their living room renovation, visiting, and playing games.

Tomorrow Gene will finishing laying the new wood floor, then we’ll help move in the furniture.


We’ll be enjoying this week of relaxation before plunging into the “Kid Frenzy” again next week.

Sleeping late tomorrow,

Louise and Duane

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Not Enough Hours



Jude’s running exercise—lie down and shake your arms and feet.


For breakfast Maddy made banana chocolate chip muffins,


and Jude made sausages.  They were delish, especially since I didn’t have to cook!


Down to the creek to find a geocache,


and do some swimming and crawfish hunting.




The afternoon brought a rain shower, a good time for chores.


A few card games, a croquet grudge match between Gramps and the boys, and the day was gone!


Half day of fun tomorrow, then we’re off to see friends.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bored? Not Us!!






So many games, so little time!

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another Celebration

Today we celebrated my Uncle Paul.  He was a veteran, so his casket was draped with the American flag, which was removed and ceremoniously folded and presented to my aunt.  After the graveside service, we all retired to a local restaurant for lunch and a visit with old friends from the neighborhood and relatives who didn’t make it to Paula’s service. 

Later Duane and I had a nice visit with my sibs:  brothers Tim from CA, and Ed (Paula’s husband) from IL


Sisters  Martha (right), and Marycarol and her honey Dave.  We chatted for a couple of hours before Duane and I had to return  to our house.


It  is parked on the backyard of our daughter Rachel and son-in-law Benji.  Our grandkids Simon, Judah and Maddy are delighted to be back in their playhouse.


We renewed our acquaintance with our grand dog Buckeye, a labradoodle who was a baby when we saw him last.


Grandpa made good his brag that he would whup the boys at croquet.


We played net less badminton, enjoyed a nice pasta Alfredo dinner together,


then relaxed before bed.


All day with the kids tomorrow.

Louise and Duane