Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Good Day For Driving

Once again, despite sunny skies, the chilly winds kept us indoors most of the day.  We opted to drive an hour north of Phoenix for one last visit with our friends Brock and Leola.  We lingered over lunch at a Chinese buffet then wandered around Costco in search of our favorite chocolates.  No luck.  Back to Brock and Leola’s for more chat and to go over some details of our proposed summer trip motorcycling along the west coast.  On our way home we stopped to fill our propane tank, to fill the truck tank, and to buy a few groceries. 

Time to tuck in for the night.

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Last Time

Three side-by-sides went for a ride today.  Duane drove Gene's while Gene guided the way with the gps.

The rugged roads led across the beautiful green Sonoran Desert away Saddle Mountain.

Along the way they explored a box canyon,

and a very deep mine

with the tailings (discarded rock dug out of the mine) strewn around outside.

Close by this rock formation 

they found a deep (10') wash

strewn with geodes.  Unfortunately none of the geodes were lying around.  They were all embedded in the rock.  This one was as big as a soccer ball.  The crystals are clearly visible in the center.

No more buggy rides for us.   The next week we plan on getting ready to travel back to Texas for our annual doctors' appointments.

Hanging loose until we leave, 

Louise and Duane

Monday, February 18, 2019

Evening Light Show



Only one week left in sunny Arizona.

Louise and Duane

Sunday, February 17, 2019

You Can't Judge A Rock

When we're looking for rock treasures in the desert, often we see only a few millimeters of something interesting sticking out of the dirt.  Sometimes you saw it open and find only uninteresting rock.

If you're lucky you get some beautiful stuff like crystals, quartz, or wonderfull colors.

I asked Duane to saw some of my maybe treasures today and here is what we found.

This rock, which looks like petrified cow poop

revealed some beautiful white color.  These rocks are all chalcedony, which forms ripples and bumps as it grows.  These get covered by a rock layer that hides the beauty inside.

Sometimes I want the halved rocks cut into jewelry sized pieces which are then sanded to remove the outside layer.  Other pieces will be tumbled as they are to remove the outer layer.

That's a job for another day.

Louise and Duane

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Nothing But Fun

A beautiful sunny day greeted us here in the Sonoran desert around Tonopah, AZ  this morning on the pickleball court, but a chilly breeze soon turned into a cold wind and cut our play short.  Back home we spent the day keeping warm and goofing off.  We went to town for a couple of hours of errands in the late afternoon, then spent the evening playing cards with the neighbors next door, our long-time Ohio friends Gene and Barbara.  Not much left of the evening after that.

We hope you enjoyed your day too.

Louise and Duane

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Story

One day four friends--Gene, Barbara, Duane, and Louise went to a huge flea market.  This is one tiny part of the stuff for sale.

As they walked around they found many interesting things such as this giant patio chair,

candles that remove ear wax, 

yes, really! 

Of course there were ATM machines so that you could spend lots of cash.

After shopping and finding some items to buy, the friends enjoyed steaks at their favorite restaurant.

The four friends each bought one item:  a nice windbreaker jacket, a microfiber cloth, an automatic card shuffler, and an extendable glow in the dark back scratcher.  Can you guess which person bought which item?

The friends had fun but were glad to be home after their long day.

Back to our usual shenanigans tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

PS  Barbara bought the jacket to keep warm on cold days riding the buggie,  Duane bought the card shuffler because it's hard for Barbara to shuffle cards with her arthritis, Gene bought the cloth to make a dust-proof cover for his IPad when he needs the GPS for buggie rides, and I bought the back scratcher just for fun!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

What To Do?

A chilly rainy day offered no outside entertainment today.  How did we while away the hours here in beautiful downtown Tonopah, AZ?  Duane and Gene went to the Club House and entertained themselves with several games of pool.  Barbara and I visited for an hour or so, and I took a nap, but most of the day Duane and I busied ourselves with whatever we found interesting on tv.  Duane also played around on computer while I worked my way through several different types of Sudoku puzzles.  We capped the evening with a nice cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream.

As retired people we were up to the job.

Louise and Duane