Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend fun

Aunt Stacy & Ava (?)
First bath together

Cowgirl Emma

Big girls

Play time
As promised, we finally have some new pix. We left here Thursday and headed north for some baby holding. We spent a couple of fun days visiting and playing with our youngest grandbabies. The weather was good on Friday so Duane, daughter in law Brandey and I whisked the girls around the neighborhood on a brisk walk. Friday evening brought rain and daughter Stacy so we spent Saturday having a good long family chat and play day. After pizza for dinner, Duane and I headed home. Emma and Ava are nine months old now and cuter than ever. Their hair is really growing and they are sitting, rolling, and crawling like pros. Mom Brandey took advantage of the extra help to bathe both girls together. They played well together then showed us how they are big girls holding their bottles. We had a very fun time, but it was kind of wierd without our house.
We are almost done with our 20 hours each. We are looking forward to starting our stint of 20 hours for both of us combined. Duane has his job down pat, and I am getting better and better about remembering details and catching errors. After a couple of days of wet cold, the weather is cooperating again. We have a little more spare time now, so Duane has done some carving, but I don't have time this week to start laying out my latest quilt. I'll start that next week maybe. I have a new friend here in the park and she is going to help me with that task. With any luck I will have it ready to sew by the time we have to move to our new location. More news when we get it.
Louise and Duane

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nuttin much

Hi people, as you can see we still have no pix cause we still are working and not doing much of anything else. In our spare time Duane has been sitting outside in the nice spring weather carving and I, believe it or not, have actually been working on my next quilt. I promised all 6 of our kids a queen sized quilt. This is number 5. Last Friday I selected fabric and ironed it. Saturday I measured and cut all day. Sunday, Monday and today I cut fabric in the evenings. I am almost finished. The next step is laying out. Fortunately the activities center here has plenty of room. The laying out process will take some time so it will be a while before I actually start sewing. Meanwhile we walk, visit the neighbors (I am teaching one new friend to crochet) and of course faithfully attend the ice cream socials every week. We are almost finished with our 20 hour apiece work weeks. After that will be 20 hours a week for both of us combined. (Can you hear our kids groaning about hard our life is? lol) This Thursday we are driving to Celina (Tx) to visit kids and granddaughters. We will come back with cute pix I'm sure. Until then you'll have to be patient.


Louise and Duane

Saturday, March 06, 2010


We finished our two weeks of 40 hours each and one week of 20 hours each. Not too bad. I have one 6 hour day 4 days of 4.5 hours. Duane has 5 days of 4.5 hours and one of 2.5 hours. This messes with our days off giving us some weeks with a 2 hour day and 2 full days off and others with 1 full day, 1 with a 2 hour morning, and 1 full day. This is ok so far. On our days off we do the usual stuff: shopping, errands, working around the house, visiting the neighbors, computing, puzzling, reading, etc., etc., etc. One day this week I spring cleaned the house and Duane washed the outside. My how those windows sparkle! Today (Sat.) I started my rocks tumbling again, and am relaxing with a logic puzzle. Next week I think I'll start on my next quilt. Maybe. Probably. Hmmm. Ok, definitely. Duane has started carving again and has started a carving group here at Rainbow's End. They meet Wed. evenings. The first night 5 guys showed up and had a good time. More said they were coming to the next one.

The weather here has finally started cooperating. I think its safe to say that spring has sprung. We have had several dry days in a row, mostly sunny with temps in the 60's. Sometimes the breeze is still a bit chilly, but mostly the days have been quite pleasant. This is good news for Duane. He really prefers carving outside. Maybe next time we will have some pix.

Later, Dudes and Dudettes,

Louise and Duane