Friday, May 31, 2013

Surgery update

Went back to doctor for my follow-up after the surgery. The doctor said that I was healing up just fine. The tumor was malignant but they got it all. I was told that I did not need any chemo or radiation at this time. He said that I had 20%  chance of getting another one. I have to return once a year for follow-up to keep things under control. The stomach muscles are still a little sore. He said I could get back on the bike next week. In the meantime I watch tv, read, and try and figure out where we will go to next. Looks like we should be back on the road late next week or the first of the next.
Till next time
Duane and Louise

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick update

I went to hospital on May 17th to have a tumor removed from my left kidney. As you see by the fact that I am blogging this, I am still alive. Setting here at the computer I have little to no pain. It is when I get up to move that it hurts a little. They used a robot to preform the surgery. I have a total of 6 incisions, the largest about 2 inches. I return to the doctor on the 28th of this month to get all the pathology results and to find out when we can hit the road again. Louise is taking really good care of me except when she makes me take walks, take deep breathes or eat lighter, she says because I'm not doing much and she don't want me to fatter. Now I say that's
Getting tired
Time to whine to Louise about how bad I hurt... maybe I can get her to get me some ice cream

Friday, May 10, 2013


While we are here in Texas we are visiting our three boys.  Duane Jr and wife Brandey are parents to the almost 4-year-old twins Emma and Ave.  Last week we rode the bike to their country home north of Dallas in Whitewright/Van Alstyne.  We bunked in the girl's playroom for a week.  They didn't mind a bit.  They just love their Grandpa. Emma is on the right, Ava on left.  The first day we visited and got reaquainted with the girls.

On Saturday morning we girls went to a Mother's Day brunch.  In addition to good food, there was a fun game, songs and testimony from Brandey's friend Sandy, and family pictures.


Wednesday we visited the Dallas Zoo, a small non-profit zoo.

We met Brandey's friends Becky (orange shirt) and Amanda (blue shirt and camera) and spent the day with them and their children.  Becky is holding 2 year-old Maddy and son Carson is hanging upside down.  Amanda's daughter Shiloh is a bit younger than Maddy.  Her son Jasper (9 mos. I think) was happy in his stroller.

The girls wore their zebra shirts.

At home the girls like to rock out singing songs and drumming up a storm.
On Friday while Daddy worked the rest of us went to the movies and ate popcorn for lunch.  For dinner we let Daddy join the fun at a nice local cafe.  From l-r Brandey, Ave, Emma, Duane Jr, Duane Sr. Notice any resemblence between father and son?
Saturday night was date night for Momma and Daddy.  Grandpa and Grandma walked down the road with the girls.
After church on Sunday we goofed off outside.  The girls enjoyed rides on their horse Rusty.
Daddy and Momma took turns leading one girl while Grandpa and I enjoyed the company of the other.
On Monday, our last day, Jr and Sr enjoyed the day fishing together on Lake Texoma.  Brandey and I enjoyed the weather at home with the girls.  

After their ride the girls were pleased to park their bikes with Grandpa's.
When the guys got back we enjoyed a nice fresh fish dinner prepared by Brandey.  We enjoyed one last visit after dinner then everyone hit the sack.  We enjoyed a leisurely ride home, stopping to read historical markers, and enjoying the scenery. 
Anything else happens we'll let you know!
Louise and Duane