Friday, May 22, 2009


Sorry, fans, no pix, just doctor appointments. We had our physicals in Tyler, our blood tests not back yet. Duane has high blood pressure and will start taking med for it tonight. He has been messing around with this for a year--it went up and down. Now its up and won't go down. After I got my eyes examined and new glasses (same day woo woo!) we drove the house across the Louisiana border and parked in Greenwood. A trip to Shreveport yesterday to our financial advisor and our dentist showed two good reports. Today Duane found out his macular degeneration has not gotten worse in the last year, and that he is still cancer free. Yay!!! We managed to fit in a couple of short visits with former friends and neighbors today. Tomorrow we move back to Kilgore for more tests. Duane gets an eye exam and new glasses (although his right eye is no longer correctable) and a followup on his new medicine. I get a mammogram and a bone scan. So far so good, though, so we expect no new surprises. Hooray for the old people!!!

Enough for now,

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not much doing

Stone tile

Duane's latest cowboy

We have been traveling the last couple of weeks. After we left Kerrville, we drove the back roads to Temple and parked one night in Sam's Club parking lot and another next door at WalMart. We visited with son Jesse while we were there. Next we drove to Celina to park at son Jr's house for a couple of days. This turned into 5 days while Duane helped him to lay new stone tile in several rooms. We spent the evenings sitting around chatting and trying to catch glimpses of the twins moving around. (Their due date is June 20th). Tuesday we moved to Kilgore. We are now in a nice rv park (Shallow Creek) just around the corner from son Jeremy's place. We do our things during the day: I'm hand sewing the binding on Jr's quilt and Duane works on his carvings. The cowboy above is Duane's latest caricature, which he carved in a class at Kerrville. He painted it today. Evenings we visit with Jeremy, Jennifer and our grandchildren Allie (4) and Lucas (almost 1). We will be here until next Wednesday when we move to Shreveport for doctors' appointnents. Until then, we are taking it easy.
Enough for now,
Louise and Duane

Friday, May 01, 2009

My lastest finished carving

Here is Duane's latest class project. This took two days to carve from a roughed out form. He put the finish on it today. He took a tool sharpening class on Monday, and learned to carve an 8" caricature cowboy on Tuesday. He took the Native American project to get a better handle on carving faces. In classes like these the instructor will carve part and the trainee tries to mimic what was shown. While Duane was carving I was swimming and sewing. I am 2/3 done quilting my lastst queen sized quilt. Our friend John (Duane worked with him in Hidden Cove last summer) is staying with us a couple of days. He took a class today and will take one tomorrow. In the evenings, they have fun carving and talk carving.
We are leaving this nice rv resort on Monday. The weather here has been overcast since we arrived a week ago. The daytime temps are in the mid to upper 70's with scattered patches of sun through thin clouds. Mostly it was wet, but that didn't alter our plans. Duane was gone all day. I started my day by a 30-40 min. swim in the adults only indoor pool. Sweet! Then I put together the quilt I had assembled at the last carving seminar in Congress. Tomorrow is the last day for the seminar. Duane is has no class but plans on joining the open carving. You know what I'll be doing!
Basta por hoy.
Louise and Duane