Monday, July 31, 2006


After a nice visit with the kids we spent a couple of days with our friend Barbara. We had a great time. Then it was on to Amish country in Indiana. We are now in Wakarusa, IN. waiting to get the work done on the motorhome. We will be here till the weekend anyway, camping is free!!! While we wait we have been traveling around here a bit. Went to Notre Dame campus and walked around one day.

Then we went to the Studebaker car museum. That was pretty cool.

Today we toured the Monaco factory to see how the coach was built, did the laundry, then to the library to get on the net. We will be here for a few more days after we get the work done on Wednesday then off to Michigan.

That's it for now

Duane and Louise

Monday, July 24, 2006


We spent 3 days in Cincinnati visiting with our daughter Stacy and her partner Carrie. Had a great time with them. Plan to meet up them again in Canada for a little fishing in August. We camped at the FMCA camp grounds, very nice and it was free!!
Then it was off to Troy, OH to visit daughter Rachel, her husband Benji and the grandbaby Madeleine. We took a trip to the zoo and had a blast.
Then off to Richmond, IN for a few days to visit our friend Barbara. Next stop, the factory to have a few things worked on in the motorhome.
That's it for now
Duane and Louise

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We left Denton, Texas on Saturday and arrived at Mammoth Cave National Park on Sunday night. We toured the park on Monday. We took a cave tour and a driving tour-- pretty cool. That evening we went visit my brother Dean, had a good dinner and good chat. Tuesday it was work around the coach , install shoe storage and general cleanup. Then it as off to Cincinatti on Wednesday. We will meet with Stacy and Carrie tonight, leaving on Saturday for Troy.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Well sort of....... We left the rv park in Waskom on Sunday morning, got about half way to Jeremy's house, blew a tire on the left inside dual. We had sensors put into the tires about 4 weeks ago to tell us when a tire went flat..... they worked...... pulled into a rest area, got out to check the tire, sure enough FLAT. I called our emergency road service, they called me back to tell me they couldn't find a tire on Sunday, we would have to wait till Monday morning. About 8:30 they called to tell me they a had a man on the way, be there in one hour. 2 hours later he showed up, it's a southern thing I think. lol He got the tire changed and we were on our way. When he changed the tire we found the sensor had broken on one end. I had to call Campers World and make an appointment to get it fixed before we left Texas. We got to Jeremy and Jennifer's Monday about noon. We spent the next 4 days moving stuff around in the coach for the big journey.

On Friday morning we left for Denton, Tx to get the sensor fixed. I had a 2 PM appointment and plans to start back east after the fix. Well as you might guess, they got done at 6 PM so we drove about 10 miles up the road to a rv park for the night. We will leave in the morning and head towards Ohio. We plan on going to Bowling Green to visit brother Dean, then to Cincy to Stacy and Carrie's for a few days. The back of the jeep is full of stuff to dropoff there. From there to Rachel and Benji's for a visit.

That's it for now
We are off