Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On to Kilgore

On Monday we left Van Alstyne for Kilgore and a visit with son Jeremy and his family. I had to get the truck registered in Texas also. On the way to Kilgore  our Pressure Pro tire monitor system went off telling us we had a tire that was loosing air. We pulled over in Greenville, TX and called our road service. The service showed up in about 30 minutes and had us back on the road about 20 minutes later. That was the second tire to go bad of the original tires that came with the trailer.  We decided to have them all replaced on our way out of Kilgore. We arrived at Shallow Creek RV Park shortly after noon and settled in for a week stay. We stay at Shallow Creek every time we are in that area. The park is a little pricey for us, $150.00 for a week,  but it is only 3 miles from the kids so it saves us a lot of gas. 
On Tuesday we headed for the tax office to register the truck we bought in Arizona. I had a feeling that we in for a headache when I called to find out what they needed. I was told they wanted a copy of the title with our name on it. I called the bank, they said that because AZ is a paperless state they could not help us. Before we left AZ, I went to the dealer that I bought it from to see what they could do. They gave the paper that AZ issues now instead of the title. I then went to an AZ title office. There I was told that what the dealer had given me was all that they issue. Now we go to the office in TX and was told that would not except the paper we had, we needed a title. Here we go........ The office in Longview called Austin. Austin says they can not register without the title. Also, TX wanted a receipt for the taxes we paid in AZ. The lady in Longview   tried to explain to Austin that the paper I had was all that AZ would give me. After several hours I got on the phone in a conference call with Austin and the dealer in AZ. They went round and round about the title for what seemed like 20 minutes. Finally Austin said the paper tile I had was ok, but they needed a receipt for the taxes which the dealer said they would fax. Wednesday, we got the truck inspected and returned to the title office. They had received  all the paperwork from AZ and we got the tags. We are legal...

Allie braiding the dolls hair

Jenifer Allie and Luke

Heading out on the river
 Jeremy has a place on the Sabine River. He put in  a concrete boat ramp so he can launch his boats on the river. Jeremy does a lot of fishing and sets a lot of trot lines out. We took 2 boats up river to a beach area where the kids can swim. While the kids swam, I fished. I caught a couple nice catfish and few smaller ones. Jeremy went up river to set out a trot line. Pictured below is picture of a 6 foot gar that was on the trot line the next morning.
This is a really nice beach

Fish caught

Louise setting in the shade

Grandpa playing with Allie

This is not a real good pic but this fish was caught on the trout line. It was a gar about 6 feet long. We let it go

A fish Luke reeled in
We had a great time visiting with the kids, but all to soon we must be off. On Monday, we stopped at the tire store in Kilgore and had all the tires replaced on the trailer before heading to Livingston, TX and the headquarters of the the Escapees RV Club. We will leave the trailer set here and take the bike to Surfside to visit Jesse.
Till next time
Duane and Louise

Monday, May 21, 2012

Time with the Texas kids.... stop one

After returning from California, we closed up the rv and headed for Texas. We stopped in Deming, NM, at Dream Catchers RV park to visit with friends there. We were planning on staying one night but the wind came up and the rain came down, so we ended up staying 3 nights. We wanted to get to Dallas area so we could attend the memorial service for our daughter-in-laws Mother. We made the trip from Deming with one overnight in Pecos, TX. We pulled into Van Alstyne, Texas after driving over 400 miles on day 2. We found a place to park the rv in Van Alstyne at the home of an Escapee member that allows you to park, with electric, for free if you are a member of the club. We had stayed there in December when we passed through the area and called them to check and see if they still were letting members stay. They told us to come on in. After arriving there, they came out to welcome us and tell us that any time we are in the area, don't call just come on in and park. There are still some really nice people out there. This place is only 7 miles from the kids house in an area that lacks rv parks.The closest rv park to the kids is some 20 miles away, so this is really nice for us.
Buckling up Ava's shoes
Story time
Playing the a wi game

Dressed to dance
Bath time

We spent the next few days visiting with Duane Jr and family. The twins, Emma and Ava have grown a bunch since we last saw them in December. They will be three in June and are talking a lot. It is so much fun to watch them interact. They play really well together and you hear them just chatting away at each other. I don't understand all of what they are saying but they seem to understand each other just fine.

We really enjoyed our visit with Jr. and family. I don't think we will get back this way for a year, so we are trying to spend as much time with all the Texas kids as we can.

All to soon we had to move on. The temporary tags on the new truck were about to expire and I had a feeling that there may a problem and I was right, more on that in the next blog.

Till next time
Duane and Louise