Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now we know

First the news on our front. After returning from Texas, we got back to work. We work Thursday and Friday, have rest of the week off. It has been to hot to do much out in the desert, 100 plus almost every day. We spend most of our time working on projects. I have a bunch of carvings started but no new ones finished. I need to get all the carvings done that I am working on for Christmas. I go to rock shop every Monday to shape and polish stones for jewelery. Louise made 2 quilts and is working on some presents for Christmas.

We have decided to take Dec/Jan off. I think we will go to Texas for a few doctor appointments and family visiting time. Come February, we will be in Congress, Arizona working for Escapees at their North Ranch location. North Ranch is the place that they hold the Carving Classes in March, followed by Bead Week. We will work there until the end of April. Then we will be heading to Ohio on our way to Knoxville, TN where we will spend 3 months starting in July at Escapees Raccoon Valley Park. The plan is to go to Bushnell, FL for the winter after TN. We hope to go up the east coast after that.

Now for the family BAD news. Son, Duane Jr., broke his heel and will have surgery on Monday to screw the bone togather. As many of you know, Jr. installs cabinets for a living. He was working on ladder installing a cabinet when it started to fall. He jumped off the ladder to keep from getting knocked off of it by the cabinet. He landed heel first and broke 2 bones in his foot. The worst was the heel bone. I saw the xray and it is bad. He will be off work for at least 6 weeks. When you are self employed, that hurts!! We pray it all works out ok for them.
That's it for now
Duane and Louise

Friday, August 19, 2011

A quick trip to Texas

Last week we received a call that our daughter-in-law Jennifer's mother had passed away. On Thursday of last week we packed a few things in the truck and headed for Rockdale, TX. We stopped for the night and arrived there on Friday afternoon, 720 miles. The services were on Saturday. Sunday we headed for Kilgore, TX to put a few things in our storage trailer we have there that we have been hauling around with us for the past year and never used. Since Jeremy and Jennifer were still in Rockdale, we picked up our mail and headed to Celina, TX to visit with Duane Jr. and family, a travel day of 350 miles. We spent the rest of Sunday and all day Monday being entertained by our 2 year old twin granddaughters. What a hoot those 2 are!! Needless to say we were worn out after 2 days of playing with and trying to keep up with them. They are 2 of the cutest, smartest and sweetest little girls in world, at least Grandpa thinks

We left Tuesday morning to head back to Deming, NM, stopping in Van Horn, TX for the night. When we got to El Paso Wednesday, I stopped at the license bureau to get my motorcycle endorsement, I took the safety training the week before. Boy was that place crowded!! 3 hours later I left with everything in place. Got back to the rv park about 4 in the afternoon. The whole trip covered 1900 miles. Thursday it was back to work. We have to work three days in a row to make up for the day we missed last week. After tomorrow things will back to normal for us.

Till next time

Duane and Louise