Friday, June 26, 2009

A couple of new carvings

I just finished these so I thought I would give everybody a break from pictures of the, although the babies are a lot prettier. Mom and babies are doing great. They are keeping Mom and Dad up nights, but that's their job. We have been going to see them once a day since they were born. Hope we are not wearing out our welcome. They have had a lot of people stopping by to meet the twins so things have been pretty hectic around there.
It has been real hot here. Over 100 during the day, 80's at night. Sure glad the airconditioning is working good. We will be here till the 10th of July, then start heading north to meet the new grandbaby, Judah, in Ohio. These are kids are keeping us busy meeting new grandkids. We are up to nine with the birth of the twins. The plan is to spend September in Ohio, then work our way south. Not sure yet where we will winter. We had an interview with the Corp of Engineers about workcamping near Dallas this winter. We should know something in a week or two.
Till next time
Duane and Louise

Monday, June 22, 2009

The new ones

Mom and Ava

Our babies are 3 days old now, and wearing their own clothes. From the pix above, you can see that they are alike but different. We think Emma looks like her mom and Ava like her dad. They sleep a lot, but sometimes they open their eyes and just look and look. They each had to take a car seat test. They had to sit for 2 hours in their car seat while hooked up to various monitors. They both passed of course. Not much more to say, but hey, they are babies and don't do much!
Enough for now,
Louise and Duane

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bad Grandma!

Daddy Benji, Madeleine, Simon, Judah
Big sis and littlest bro

Judah Martin Latimer

I am a baaaaaad grandma! I introduced our grandson Judah to my family via email, but neglected to let our blog readers meet him! So here he is, Judah Martin, our fourth grandson and seventh grandchild. Jude was born May 1 of this year. He weighed in at 6lbs. 6 oz., a smaller birth weight than big sis Madeleine and big bro Simon . Mom and son did (and are) doing fine, except bad grandma hasn't been to Ohio to kiss his toes. He looks like a smaller version of Madeleine when she was born. Jude was the biggest of the last four grandchildren (the other three are girls), but he is puny by Latimer standards. Don't worry. We are headed to Ohio later this year. Once I kiss his toes, he will start growing like a weed!
Enough said.
Louise and Duane

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Emma and Ava

Dad Duane Jr. & Mom Brandey
Emma and Ava

Dad and daughters
Say hello to our newest grandchildren, Emma Jean and Ava Marie. They arrived two minutes apart this morning at 9:40 and 9:42 by C-section. They weighed in at 5.8 and 6.2 lbs. Emma is the smaller one. Everyone is fine but a little tired. After a long wait both parents and 4 grandparents finally got to hold both babies. They are fraternal twins, so they are alike but different. Of course they are the cutest newborns in the world, according to the proud parents!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lake Fork

Juvenile Blue Heron?
Juvenile Blue Heron?

Boat slips


Beatiful blue

Today we moved further west and a little north to the west fork of Lake Fork. We picked one of the numerous rv parks at randon and ended up at--Lake Fork Resort! This is a little and large place. The resort includes boat slips and dock, store (including a wide assortment of fishing lures and baits), cafe, swimming pool, motel, and small rv park edging the lake. We are in the second row from the lake and happen to have a view. The sun is hot with a warm, humid breeze. After lunch Duane went catfishing and caught one and a couple of bluegill. It was too hot to clean them so they went free. I went swimming and was hot! After supper Duane ventured out to snap the above pix. Our IDs are tentative since we aren't experienced birders. I stayed inside and read and embroidered. After the sun goes down we may go for a stroll. Maybe.
Basta por hoy!
Louise and Duane

Monday, June 08, 2009


Luke is proud of himself
One step at a time

Visiting with Grandma Weezie

Allie, Luke,Gramma just aswingin'

Goofing on the slide
Cutie pie
Hi loyal followers, Since we are still sitting there is not much to report. The pix of Allie (4) and Luke (almost 1) were taken last week. We have been visiting them and their parents off and on the last 3 weeks as we moved between Tyler Tx and Shreveport LA for various doctors checkups. We have been in a nice rv park called 5 Star RV, just a couple of miles north of Tyler for the last week. While we were here we played tourist, (visiting the Brookshires' World of Wildlife Museum and the Smith County Historical Museum), fishing, carving and sewing of course, walking around the rv park (16 laps gets us 2 miles), and wrapping up our last three dr visits. Duane had his blood pressure checked (needs two pills and keep monitoring), and I had a mammogram. Today is my bone density scan. We went fishing in the lake in Tyler State Park (not one bite or even a glimpse of a fish), Bellwood Lake (one small largemouth bass but no other bites), and with son Jeremy on the Sabine River (a couple of keeper catfish, one small largemouth bass, one HUGE carp, and a little bluegill). We visited with Allie and Luke and daughter-in-law Jennifer that day also. Jennifer had to go to work in the evening, so after the babies went to bed Duane and I played (a card game called) 31 with Jeremy. Very fun. Tomorrow we head west. Time to get closer to Celina (TX that is) and get ready to help when the twins arrive June 20th.
Enough for now,
Louise and Duane