Friday, May 28, 2010

Everything is fixed I hope!!

As you read in the last post, when we got back to the campground from getting everything on the new trailer fixed, the charger went out. Back to Buddy Greggs we went. I am sure glad we work for some every nice people here. We got to the repair center on Monday, they looked at the charger on Tuesday, yep it's bad, we have to order one. In the mean time the microwave started to act up again. What next!!! We had to drive the 20 miles to work on Thursday and Friday because the parts hadn't showed up yet. Not a big deal there, just inconvenient. They decide we needed a new cable for the microwave, had to order it. The new battery charger showed up on Monday, you guessed it, WRONG one. Had to reorder, they overnighted the next one. Wednesday the cable for the oven showed up along with the new charger, right one this time. They installed the parts, we loaded up and headed back to campground. Everything is working so far. Wish us
Thursday, uncovered the pool here at the park. A water line had broke during the winter so I fixed that. I was suppose to work a 1/2 day, but talked to the boss and decided to work all day to get the pool further along. Had to trim grass around the pool, sweep the pool, install the ladders, etc. Today I am working 4 hours, Louise is working 8 hours to get our 20 hours a week in. We love the setup here. I work 4 hours on Thursday, we both work 8 on Friday. That gives us 5 days off in row, what a deal. The bad thing is we have spent all our time so far at the trailer repair center. We are planning to start doing some site seeing next week. Should start having some pictures to post.
Till next time
Duane and Louise

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raccoon Valley SKP

Our new home

The office and social hall

Our new campsite

The new camping area

A worm, not a twig

We have arrived at our new home for the next 3 months. We spent 10 days at Buddy Gregg's repair campground. We were surrounded by huge double axle rigs. We tried not to feel like poor relatives! Finally we got our microwave, tv, and speaker taken care of and drove to Raccoon Valley. After setting up we went to the office for a brief overview of our duties. After supper and a trip to WalMart we noticed that our lights were dim. Then our fridge wasn't working! Duane discovered that the drain tube to the outside was coiled up inside. As soon as he put it where it belonged, the fridge started working again. Good thing, too, since I just filled it! Next we discovered our 12 volt charger isn't working. After digging around in the bowels of our nose storage, Duane finally found it, but can't figure out why it isn't charging our battery. So we rely on our little tabletop plug in lamps for light and hope for nice breezes or run the air since our vent fans don't work. Hopefully he can get hold of a knowledgeable tech tomorrow.
Today was our first day at work. The managers here, Millie and Greg Small, are very nice and very easy to work for and with. They were around in the morning, but since Fridays are supposed to be their day off, they took off the afternoon. No problem. After Livingston, this place is nice and uncomplicated. Right now there isn't much activity, so Duane spent the morning putting together bookcases, and I spent the afternoon arranging the library and game shelves.
We are glad to be settled in and all set up. It is nice to sit at our computer desk and use the big monitor and keyboard, and to do office work with everything at our fingertips. Hopefully we won't have to pack everything up for another trip to Buddy Greggs, but that would be another blog!
Basta por hoy
Louise and Duane

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Made it to Knoxville

Triominoe board
With no tv, setting in a Walmart parking lot, Louise and I had a roaring game of triominoes. The bad thing is Louise beat me by 2 points in a game to 500. I sure hope we get the tv fixed soon, I won't be able to live with her if she keeps winning.
We arrived in Knoxville, TN at Buddy Gregg's RV Service center early this afternoon. They have a really nice campground for those that are here for service. Water and 50 amp electric, no sewer hookup, it's free....They are suppose to look at the trailer tomorrow. The manager said that they would have to look at everything, then call and get the go ahead from the factory to do the work. Sounds to me like we may be here a few days. We are suppose to be at our new campground job to work on Sunday. We will go up there tomorrow, or call, and find out what our schedules will be for next week. We may have to drive from here, about 25 miles, until we get everything taken care of. Hopefully they can get the parts they need and get things done on Friday but I'm not counting on it. We may have to come back here on a day off, we'll see.

The drive from Texas went really well. After a few miles, a couple of hundred, I got comfortable driving the new rig. The traffic was very light, even through the cities. Not much road construction either. We took I20 to I59 to I24 to I75 to here. The roads through LA. and AL. were concrete a lot of the way. I hate concrete roads, they are very bumpy. At times the truck and trailer set up a rhythm that was not to pleasant, but we surived. The truck pulled the hills really well. I think it stopped better then the motorhome did. In tow mode the transmition slows the truck when you take your foot off the gas. It does not pick up speed downhill like the coach did. I liked that a lot. We just need to stay off those darn concrete The weather has been bright and sunny all the way here. We were just behind all the rain that hit this area last week. THANK GOODNESS. They had really bad weather in the Nashville area, a lot of flooding. I don't think it was as bad here in Knoxville. The weather is almost prefect here.

We spent part of the day reloading the garage area, it didn't make take the trip here very well. I think we got it this time. More hooks and bungies, move a few things to new locations, and now we have to drive to see if it all works.

Till next time
Duane and Louise

Monday, May 03, 2010

and we're off

We left Livingston, TX on Sunday heading for Heiskell, TN. Packing for our first trip in the new trailer was an event in itself. I decided to open up the foldable boat we carry that had been laying out behind the trailer. BOY was I glad I did!!!! ANTS>>>BIG BLACK ANTS!!!. There were several hundred or so that had taken up residency in the folds of the boat. I sprayed and washed them out, then found a bunch under the floation, so had to spray and wash some more. Thank goodness we didn't put that in the trailer with all those ants, that would have been a mess.
So we have everything in the trailer and hit the road. The truck does just fine with the load. A little slow on take off, but that is to be expected. It gets a little rough riding on these LA. roads, but not to bad. Louis misses her recliner with the foot stool already. Our first night found us in Ruston, LA. at a Wal Mart for the night. When we opened up the trailer we found a lot of stuff that Louise had stored in the top bunk on the floor. Louise had to climb over the counter to pick things up so we could open up the slides. When we opened the door to the work area in the back, drawers had come open and spilled on the floor. I had bought child locks for them but they didn't hold. So it was off to the store, we were in Wal Mart parking lot, to buy some different hooks to hold the drawers. This morning we went to Lowes, right around the corner, to buy a couple of L brackets and a 1x10 to install in the top bunk to hold the title wave from coming down again. Tonight we are in Cottendale, AL. Everything we did WORKED, no more spills, at least for this part of the journey. It will take a while to figure out how and where to store everything so we don't have to play pick up when we get to where we are going. Thanks to one of our friends at Livingston, Chris, who showed us the little bungys that she uses to hold the cupboard doors shut, we went and bought some before we left, all of the cupboard doors stayed shut just fine. Thanks Chris!!
I am going to call in the morning to see if we can get the trailer in a day early, I doudt it but I will try. We have made better time then I thought we would. We are about 300 miles from the service center tonight. We are in a Passport park tonight, $16.00. Not much more than a gravel lot with hookups in it. We have 50 amp so we can run the air and everything else we want.
Till next time
Duane and Louise

Saturday, May 01, 2010

loose ends

Grandpa rocking the girls to sleep
Happy girl

Lovin' the bath with Sissie

Winning score!
Today was our last day of work at Rainbow's End Escapee Park. Tomorrow we are taking off for our new post at Raccoon Valley Escapees Park near Knoxville TN. We have been taking care of a lot of last minute details. We are finally street legal and have spent the last couple of weeks installing our cabinets and workspaces. We are mostly ready except for the last minute packing. This is our first move so we are anxious to see how things are going to travel. Last Thursday we drove to Celina TX to say goodby to our kids and grandkids. We won't see them for at least six months. The girls were in fine form. They are really mobile and fun to watch and play with. Jr. and Brandey also celebrated Mothers Day with me since we won't be here then. We had a yummy pork chop dinner with hot chocolate chip cookies to follow. Yum! We have also been saying goodby to our Escapees family. Last Wed. Duane spent one last evening with his carving group here at the park and I spent the evening playing Mexican Train (dominoes) with some very fun people. My friend Marsha said that whomever wins the game has to display the winning score on the fridge. (She's a retired school teacher, doncha know!) So, Marsha there's proof.
Basta por hoy,
Louise and Duane