Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ride with JC and Bev

Although we aren't doing much before Christmas, we do manage to fit in a ride or two.  Sunday (9th) we met some new biker friends, JC and Bev, introduced to us by Brock and Leola.  JC and Bev were staying at Wildwood, about 30 miles from here and were looking for someone to ride with.  Brock and Leola were preparing for a trip, but we were available, so away we went.  We started from our house.  If the view looks different its because it is.  We moved two sites south and around the corner two sites so now the back of our rig faces our old site at a right angle.
JC and Leola ready to ride.

Their Honda Goldwing  note the passenger cupholder and the cooler!

Our first stop was the Sleepy Hollow restaurant we where went with Brock and Leola.  What a difference a weekend makes!  The lot was filled with bikes!

The weather was pleasant so the restaurant was empty.

All the action was outside by the Withlacoochie River side.  The back of the building houses restrooms, an outdoor bar and cooking facilities.

Weekends are really packed here because they offer a full steak dinner on Saturday afternoons for $5 and a full bbq fib dinner on Sunday for the same price.

Pink and proud of it
Airboat rides were available

Scads of picnic tables and a row of vendors around the back.

The stage played host to a pretty decent band.

Bev without her do rag and JC actually looking my way.

The band doing their rendition of Whole Lotta Love.

Yes the lead player is using a drill on his guitar.  They really rocked on this song.

After stuffing face and enjoying the band and the atmosphere for an hour or so, we rode back into Floral City and stopped at the local biker apparel shop.

Downtown Floral City

Something you don't see often--a group of crotch-rocket riders

To strech our ride, we rode to the Gulf  town of Ozello, turned around, stopped for a restroom break.  This place was across the water.  I don't know if it is a private residence or a tourist spot, but I thought being three stories made it kinda unique.

Our last stop was in Homosassa at Neon Leon's.  He was the bass player for Leonard Skynard, and was known as the Mad Hatter.  We don't know if he owned this place or if it was a tribute to him.  We do know this is a biker hangout known for its crabcakes.  Being good bikers, we stopped for an afternoon snack.

We have heard that this place is usually packed, but like Sleepy Hollow's inside, this place was empty. 
Unlike Sleepy Hollow, the outside was empty too.  We enjoyed our crabcakes and drinks and more conversation.

Time to head home.  At Homosassa's main street we parted company with our new friends.  They turned North for their campground in Wildwood while we headed south for Sumpter Oaks. 

The weather cooperated to make a nice ride, a fun visit with new friends, and an all around good time.
Next up--Good times at Sumpter Oaks.
Louise and Duane

Friday, December 07, 2012

December doin's

Since we're getting stuff ready to send to kids and grandkids for Christmas, our touring is kinda limited until all the packages are sent.  We have managed to take a couple of day trips in this beautiful Florida weather.  One was Sat. Dec. 1.  We attended a toy run sponsored by the AMA and Leesburg Gator H-D.  Our friend Dick and we joined 500 other bikers at the Leesburg WalMart to register, deposit our toys, and join the 50 mile bike ride from there, around Wildwood, and back to Gator H-D for hamburger/hot dog lunch, live band, raffles, door prizes, and looking at all the other bikes.  The event raised $20,000 and lots of toys which were donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to Lake County children.
Yesterday we joined friends Leola and Brock for a ride in the country. Dick couldn't go with us because he found a screw in his tire and his new one hasn't come in yet.   We rode to Homossasa Springs, Inverness, and Floral City. 

Brock and Leola's Honda Gold Wing with luxurious plush seats.

The day was beautiful with a mix of clouds and sky, very pleasant for riding.  Lots of Christmas decorations.

We eventually found our way to Sleepy Hollow, a little biker bar/restaurant outside Floral City. This place is known for great food at cheap prices.

Screened in porch.  The restaurant is inside the door to the left.  I thought I took pix, but we can't find them.  The bar runs down the left side.  There are three 4-person tables, 3 high tables, 2 6-people tables and at the end is a pool table.  The pizza was great.  We split an 18" supreme for $5.00 each.

After a liesurly lunch we wound our way through some very pretty country back to Bushnell.  Three hours later, we hauled ourselves to the Activity Center for a dine-in dinner.  Our decorations are festive, doncha think?

Not as big a turnout, but still delicious food and good company.

Warm enough for shorts.  I love this contrast. 

Salads and dessert--orange cake that was absolutely delicious!

After supper people table hopped and chatted for an hour or so.  Duane finally went to play pool, his latest distraction.  The pool room is at the end of these tables.  I worked on the jigsaw puzzle for a while.  It is on the table at the end of this row. 
We have since found another couple who ride, so maybe we can get seven people to go on the next ride.  We are aiming for Sleepy Hollow on a Saturday.  They serve a New York Strip steak, baked potato, and salad for $5.  Yum!!
Happy Trails,
Louise and Duane