Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stuff At Home

Duane played Pickleball for the first time since his surgery.  He reported that he did very will with the “B” class, although one player had just figured out that if he couldn’t run after lobs about the time that he quit.  I didn’t go because I had back pain.  I took a walk to ease the tightness.  This worked well, but I got caught about 1/2 mile from home in a thunder shower.  I was pretty wet before I found shelter behind a big old Maple tree.  Just after the rain stopped, Duane came to rescue me.  He was delayed by ice packs on his knees, and he had to shut all of the windows and doors!

The rest of the day we stayed in enjoying the cool breezes and doing our stuff.  I cut the new netting that I bought in Amish country and got it rolled into balls ready to crochet.  Now that some of the grandkids have aquariums to clean, I have to make extra scrubbies. 

When the kids returned from school, we had to play trampoline games and croquet.  Benji made some yummy grilled chicken breasts for dinner and we learned what the grandkids did in school before time for them to go to bed and us to go to our house.

Tomorrow I’ll have some pix.

Louise and Duane

Monday, August 21, 2017


As we drove  200 miles from the hills around Mogadore back to the flat lands of Troy, gathering clouds made us wonder about our chances to view the solar eclipse.


Good luck was with us.  Not only did we get set up in time, but also had many clear breaks in the clouds.

Our super-duper $1 Walmart viewers gave us excellent protection and perfect viewing.



Just about over.


Our tentative plans for this week were to try to play pickleball again, and to visit whatever friends and relatives were available.  The grandkids were happy to see us and promptly roped us into a couple of games of croquet.  They start school tomorrow but are already making plans to stay overnight in our house this weekend.

What should we do tomorrow?

Louise and Duane

Sunday, August 20, 2017

One More Day

With one day remaining in our visit to Mogadore (OH), Cindy and I spent quality time yakking and making apple butter with the apples I got from our friend Pam a couple of weeks ago.


For dinner we met her cousin Steve and Jan (note the correction—her name is not Jean as I said yesterday) for supper at this little place.  After a couple hours we extended our visit at the local Dairy Queen where Mike and Cindy’s granddaughter Toni works.


Dusk was falling when we all said goodbye.  Steve and Jan went to their hotel to prepare for their trip back to New York.  Back at Mike and Cindy’s house we collected our apple butter and our hugs and hopped the bike for the mile ride to the rv park.  One last evening here then south tomorrow.  We hope to leave in time to make it to Troy before the eclipse starts.  We also hope it won’t be cloudy!!!

200 miles tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Very Nice

With no rain predicted we flew the Eagle under threatening skies to help our friends Mike and Cindy celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.


The party was held at the Maize Valley Winery.




In addition to the cake, there was a nice cold buffet, sweet tea, lemonade, water, and a selection of beers and wines made by the winery.


I had intended to take more pictures of the party, but we came outside to talk to some people we had just met and got caught up in our conversation for the duration of the party!

Cindy’s cousin Steve and partner Jean came all the way from New York to attend.


To help greet all of the guests, Mike circulated inside while Cindy visited outside.

Lookin’ great in her fedora.


The party was a great success with nice mix of family, neighbors and friends.

We enjoyed our ride home in perfect weather through the beautiful Ohio country.



Cindy told us that when they were married, they didn’t get any of their cake.  Whenever they got a piece, they got interrupted and someone would pick up their cake.  She asked her mom to take the top layer home and keep it, but her mom went on vacation and took the cake with her!  The cake today was made the same way as the original cake.  It took 50 years, but they finally got a piece of their wedding cake.

Tomorrow we make some yummy stuff.

Louise and Duane

Friday, August 18, 2017

Nice Day

Since Mike and Duane had stuff they wanted to do today, Cindy and I decided that the time was right for a nice long visit.   Mostly sunny skies and a nice cool breeze prompted me to walk the mile between our rv park and her house along  the lake trail. It was very pleasant to walk along the graveled path, enjoying the play of sun and shadow and the cool breeze.


Mogadore Reservoir was formed in 1939 by damming the Little Cuyahoga River.  It was originally created to supply additional water to Akron industries downstream but now serves mostly recreational and flood protection purposes.  This quiet little lake has a maximum depth of 24 feet and allows electric motors only.


I was fortunate to see this blue heron in flight.


Cindy enjoyed a bit of shopping and a lot of yakking.  Back at her house Mike was ready to relax a bit and Duane rode over on the bike.

Proud parents of Bennet



and Bennet’s big sister.


As we were getting ready for supper of burgers on the grill, Cindy’s New York cousin and his life-partner, newly arrived in town for the party tomorrow, showed up to say hello.  Mike and Cindy’s daughter Andrea and her partner Ken came over too.  We all enjoyed getting acquainted and reacquainted during supper on the deck until dusk brought out the mosquitos.

Tomorrow you’re invited to the big party!

Louise and Duane

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hello Again

An uneventful drive of 70 miles or so brought us back to Mogadore, OH and the Countryside Campground, a Good Sam’s park. 


The park is very nice, dog friendly, and family oriented with mini gulf, heated pool, basketball, playground, laundry, showers/bathrooms, propane, and a nice camp store in the office.


Inside this building is the activities center with pinball games and planned activities, the showers and the laundry.  In the store kids can buy bags of sand which they pan in the trough to find gemstones.  Area attractions include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Museum of Art, major league baseball’s Cleveland Indians, and the McKinley Museum.


Just past that building the road runs to the lower campground with a short walk to Mogadore Reservoir and then loops back to the entrance.


Turn right and you go past the nice tent area,


then up the hill to the upper campground, where we are parked in one of the 8 pull-thrus.


We are here to visit long-time friends Mike and Cindy, and to help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  This evening we went to dinner then went to their house to meet their new puppy, and say hello again to their daughter and granddaughter who live next door.


Tomorrow, we have chores in the am then more visiting in the afternoon.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

You Never Know

When you’re out riding the roads of Amish country, you might be surprised by what you may find in the next dip or around the next bend.


You might see a family out for a ride in their buggy,


on their bicycles, or in a tractor-drawn wagon.


You will probably see huge farms


and a small holding or two.


High tech shops with high end products for sale are abundant,


as well as small shops with reasonably priced hand made items.


If you’re looking for a good place to eat, don’t look for semis,


look for cars and buggies.  Be careful, though.


You never know what miscreants might be in the place!!!

Wherever we go it seems we know someone.  Today we tied up a table for two hours enjoying lunch and yakking with long-time friends Paul and Marsha who live nearby.


After lunch we took a short walk down the street.  The guys enjoyed the leg-stretcher and Marsha and I perused the inside of a small fabric shop.  From there, unfortunately, our roads led in different directions, but we had fun while it lasted!

Moving day tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Looking Around

Just down the road from Scenic Views RV Park is the town of Berlin (BER lin) OH. This is a major shopping town in Amish Country, so we decided to give it a look for items that are hand-made in Holmes County.  Most of the stores here are full of tourist kitsch from China.  We had to look for buggies to find out where the locals shop.  After a couple hours of browsing we left Berlin with a bar of home-made soap, a couple of kids’ puzzle books and a new bulb for my sewing machine. 



Duane found the idea of a biker shop in Amish country rather humorous.



What attracts a lot of people here is the beautiful country.  Bikers love the winding, rolling roads,




while all travelers enjoy the vista views of orderly (mostly dairy) farms.  This is the type of country that inspired those winter songs like Over The River and Through The Woods, and Jingle Bells.




We enjoyed lunch at Der Dutchman and bought an apple fritter at the attached bakery.  We made one more stop at Swiss Village Bulk Foods in nearby Sugarcreek.  We used a coupon for a free 1/3 pound of cheese, and bought some Swiss cheese, dates, peach jam, and freshly-baked cinnamon rolls, all locally made. 

Tomorrow, lunch with friends from Canton.

Louise and Duane

Monday, August 14, 2017

Two Villages

Sunday morning we enjoyed one last visit with (daughter) Stacy and her partner Ruth Ann during  breakfast before we said goodbye for the present. They headed toward home.  We flew the Eagle to Coshocton (OH) to visit the restored historic Roscoe Village.  The village consists of one block of buildings along  the Muskingum River.  At the visitor center we purchased our $18 Living History tickets but did not stay to see the exhibits. 

Along the street are the restored buildings of the original canal village.  Most of the buildings house boutique style retail stores and touristy restaurants.  Our tickets got us into the 7 historic businesses and residences where costumed interpreters told us the history of the buildings and the people who lived/worked there, and their importance to the growth of the village.  We also toured the full sized canal boat, but did not purchase a ride on the working canal boat.


There were a few people touring but most were there for the shopping and restaurants.


Where is Duane?  The blacksmith shop, of course!


After our tour we grabbed some fast food supper and headed home for our last night at Alum Creek Lake State Park (Delaware).  This morning we traveled east to Amish Country around Millersburg and Berlin (BER lin).  We traded these roads


for these.


Big differences besides hills and horse-drawn buggies, are houses with no electric attached and the fact that the corn and hay fields are planted and harvested with horse drawn equipment.


We also traded share the road signs from motorcycles to buggies.


When we were here last we stayed in a B&B.  This time we are staying just outside Berlin at the Scenic Hills RV Park.  The park (our little village for the next three days) has two buildings:  the office and


a small (4 and 4) but very nice and clean laundry.


The park is spread out over three levels.  The top and bottom sites have some grassy areas and trees.


We parked in a pull-thru on the gravel level for $33.  All 146 sites have full-hookups, about 1/2 with 50 amp, 1/2 with 30 amp.  All of the sites have ample room and the whole park is very well-kept.  The park is centrally located to most of the local towns and shops that cater to modern visitors.  This area is the place to buy quality hand-made furniture, quilts and other items, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and home-made baked goods, jellies, and candy.  If you shop for Amish jelly in other states, most likely it was made here in Holmes County in Millersburg.


Did I mention that we are in Amish Country?


We spent a quiet afternoon watching tv


and reading.


Tomorrow the Eagle flies us through town and country.

Louise and Duane