Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sitting in Congress, Arizona

After our swing through California, Nevada and Utah we settled in at Escapees North Ranch RV park where we will be workcamp til the end of February. We have taken a lot of motorcycle rides around here but they have been repeats of other rides we have posted about, so I didn't post about them. We hope to ride to Oatman and Lake Havasu in the near future and will post about that.

My computer crashed last week and I had to get a new one. Now I have to get all the programs that I used loaded back on. I took the computer in to a service center and they were able to recover some of the pictures of our travels but we lost a LOT. Of coarse the programs I have are 5 years old or older and don't want to load on the new one. This has not been a good week. Along with trying to get the new computer set up I have been carving this years grand kids Christmas ornaments. I better get busy, huh.
The other news we traded our 5th wheel in for a new one. Every since the wreck I have been worried about towing the old one. We now have a Raptor Toyhauler, pictures to come later. That's it for now.
Duane and Louise