Wednesday, June 28, 2006

YEA !!!!!!!!

Went to the doctor today. I was told that I could do whatever I wanted to as long as it didn't jostle me around to much. He said I could get back to exercising but not to lift anything heavy yet. He gave me a letter to carry with me to give to a doctor in another town so I can get a CT scan on the road. I have to have one every 3 months for a while. I called GM and I have to go in to the plant on Friday to sign my retirement papers, then we can do whatever we want to.

We are planning to move the coach over to Jeremy and Jennifer's house for a few days to finish getting things ready to travel north. We have to do some rearranging so things travel better, remove stuff and add some other stuff. We will probably head to Ohio first either via Illinois or Kentucky, not sure yet. Hopfully we will be on the road sometime next week. I am awaiting a call from the factory to tell me when I need to have the coach there to correct the satellite issue. After that it's Canada in August to go fishing with Stacy and Carrie, then to Ohio for Madeleine's 2nd birthday.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I had my surgery Monday. The doctor said that it was cancer, but he was able to remove it all. I have to go for a check up next Wednesday, then a ct scan in 3 months. Doc said I should be ready to travel after my check up. He is going to write a letter so I can get the ct scans out of this area.
If everything goes alright at the the checkup we will start getting ready to hit the road. We have to do some rearranging in the mh so things travel better. We have to gather up the things we are taking to Ohio and figure out how to haul them. I figure we can be on the road by the second week in July.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Getting ready

We went to Denton, Tx to Campers World this week to have the washer/dryer installed in the coach. We also had a new braking unit put on the Jeep and had pressure sensors put in the tires so we can monitor the tire pressure. We had a flat on the Jeep last year and didn't know it until someone flaged us down on the road to tell us. I said then that when we started to travel a lot we would have the sensors installed, job done.
Monday is the big day, I get cut on. Wish me well. If everything goes the way it's suppose to, we should be on the road by the 3rd week of July.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good News Bad News

Lets start with the good news. I was told today that I will be released from work on June 30. We can finally start making plans for our travels. We think we will be heading up to Indiana first to have some work done on the satellite if I can get an appointment at the factory. Then to Canada to go fishing with Stacy and Carrie. Then to Ohio for our granddaughter's birthday.

Now the bad news.... I have been diagnosed with cancer on my right kidney. I am going into the hospital Monday the 19th to have it removed. The doctor said he is 90% sure he can get it all with laparoscopic surgery. If everything goes alright I should be up and ready to travel by the second week of July. I won't know about what follow up I will need till after the surgery.

That's the good and the bad of it. I will post again as soon as I can sit up to type.