Monday, March 14, 2016


To our (three) faithful followers!  Today we made a long travel day, leaving Alabama at 8:30 this am.  We drove across the bottom of Mississippi and Louisiana, then crossed the Sabine into Texas.  We pulled into Gulf Coast RV Resort on the east side of Beaumont at 5:pm.  We drove that far because Duane felt good and just decided to keep going in order to make a short day for tomorrow.  This turned out to be serendipitous.  The LDOT and TDOT are considering closingithe Sibine River part of I10 because of the flooding there.  When we went through the water was at the top of the ditches just a few feet from the road and still rising.  At any rate we made it through without any problems--just the way we like it.  When we arrive here and got set up Duane was going over our route tomorrow and confirming our arrival time for his own piece of mind when he discovered that he had made our reservation for Wednesday.  He is going to call tomorrow to see if we can get in a day early or if we will be waiting here another day.  Looking at this blog I have decided that I need to get back into the habit of having the camera ready as we travel.  It was easier when we had a point and shoot.  It went kaflooey and we have yet to replace it.  That leaves me with the big Nikon which is not working quite up to par.

Here's something kinda funny.  When we left Florida and entered Alabama we entered the Central Time Zone.  We turned our clocks one hour backward.  Three days later we sprang forward into Daylight Savings Time and had to turn our clocks forward an hour to where we started!

Tomorrow I promise pictures.

Louise (and Duane too of course)

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where's weaver said...

Good thing you drove past the Sabine River. They are closing I10 shortly.
Spring forward, Fall backward drives us nuts.