Monday, March 28, 2016

O Frabjous Day!

I thank Louis Carroll for the perfect description of this day.  The weather was wonderful, the scenery was beautiful, our companions were entertaining, the ride was relaxing.  Put it all together and the result is that everyone had a great time!  

RJ and Liz dressed for the cool weather

As we rode, we played a game called Lost and Found.  Duane led the first part of the trip and got lost, then found his way--twice.  After an hour we stopped for a stretch, then RJ led the way.  He got lost in Benham.  Before he found his way again, I had time for some interesting pictures.

We bypassed the historic downtown area.  We didn't pass any courthouse.

Back on track we finally made it to our first stop.  This Park preserves the history of this historic town.  At its founding, Washington on the Brazos was the first town in the sovereign nation of Texas.

In the parking lot we met Gloria and Eddie, who rode from Lake Conroe Thousand Trails Park to spend the day with us.  They are friends of RJ and Liz and will be our riding buddies when we move to Lake Conoroe on Wednesday.

Gloria's vest conveys her personality.

RJ and Liz unmasked

The Park consists of several different historic areas.  We visited the Texas history museum where we learned how the nation of Texas was formed and eventually became the State of Texas.

We learned of the lives of the people who settled this wilderness.

We were all interested in this material  even though only Liz is a native Texan.  RJ is a Hoosier (Indiana), Eddie is an Oklahoma transplant and grew up in Texas, Gloria is from Iowa, and Duane & I are Ohio Buckeyes.

After an hour of school, we were all pretty hungry.  Eddie offered to lead us about 20 miles to a really good b-b-q place in Snook.  He also played our game of Lost and Found.  He was not exactly lost but missed a turn and took us the long way around (40 miles).  No one really minded.

Eventually we found Snook (never found out about that name).  First we stopped here, but this was the wrong place.  Eddie led us around the corner and found the place--but it was closed.  Back to this restaurant which was open.

Yes this is Sodolak's,

and this is chicken fried bacon.  It wasn't as bad as it looks.  I thought it better without the breading.

After a delightful 1 1/2 hours of steak and conversation, we bid goodby to Eddie and Gloria.  With RJ in the lead we headed back home.  He only got lost once by missing a turn, but of course found the way again eventually.  We rode about 200 miles round trip through some wonderful scenery.  This picture kind of sums it all up.

Back at the park we dropped RJ and Liz at their 'house' and took ourselves home.  We took an evening stroll around the campground.  Duane took this pic of a bluebird with his phone.  Not bad.

We took the hike/bike trail this time and found some different flowers.  I don't know what this is but it smelled very perfumy--like lilies.

Tomorrow is our last day at this park.  We didn't make any plans because a tire guy is coming to rid us of our dangerous defective tire.  I'm sure that we will end up doing something interesting, though, so come back and visit again.

Louise and Duane

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