Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quintana Beach County Park

Welcome to the south Texas coastal area, home to big bridges, 

big barges,

and big chemical refineries.

Tucked away among all this is this little gem of a park.   We arrived without a hitch after cruising right around Houston.  We made the drive from Beaumont in about 3 hours.  We were glad that we drove that far last night because I10 did get shut down.  The detour was through Shreveport!!

This is a relatively small park but the pull thru's are 40'.  Since our truck is kinda big we parked it across the street there on the left.  The day was bright overcast and a bit hazy.

There is the usual assortment of rv's and quite a few tenters.  This cute little travel trailer is called Stuck In The Fifties. 

We got checked in for 8 nights, set up and ate lunch.  Then we took a stroll around.  The park is open to day users who come to enjoy the beach.  This is a typical Texas beach on the Gulf.  Most of the sand has been eroded leaving hard packed brown sand.  The water is clear but dark green to light brown.  Along one end is a long jetty.  This barge looks as it it is on the beach.  Actually it is on the other side of the jetty.

Recent river flooding has resulted in all of this tree debris brought in on the tide.  The park crew is gradually catching up with the cleaning.

There are quite a few of these little shelters.  The sun was warm, the water not too hateful, people were out enjoying the weather.

Quintana Beach is part of Quintana, an historic little settlement.  The park office is one of two historic houses of original settlers.  The other, next door, is also used by the park.  The boardwalk you see below is one of many leading across the big sand dunes to the beaches.  Besides the rv park and tent area, the park also has several little cabins for rent.  All have easy access to the beach.  The park is a little off the beaten path, but we think it is nicer than some of the other rv parks closer to stores and restaurants.  This park is not only on the beach, but quieter and has nice sized grassy spaces between sites.  The rates are also lower--averaging about $30 lower per night.  

After exploring our new home we hopped on the bike and rode around Freeport to our son's house for a visit with Jesse, his fiance Katelyn and daughter Bella.  They are are remodeling the house and working extra hours, so we visited while we helped them work on the house and make dinner.  Of course we forgot to bring the camera.  Tomorrow and Thursday we are on our own until the kids get home in the evening on Thurs.  We don't have anything planned except to find a purple ring for Bella.  Her 4th birthday is on St. Patrick's Day.  

More nonsense tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Your new home looks beautiful. Enjoy your visit with the family. Happy birthday to Bella...that would be tomorrow of course.