Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello faithful viewers,  this is the first of what I hope is a daily blog.  Duane doesn't like blogging about nothing, but after viewing what he likes to read everyday, I think I can come up with something even when nothing is happening.  It's getting into the habit of writing everyday that may take a while.

We have been work camping at our Escapees rv park in Bushnell Fl. for the past four months. We have been doing some stuff, but Duane has been content to post occasionally on Facebook.  Bushnell is bad for us because we get sick with whatever is going around.  When we are not sick we get lethargic.  Duane doesn't carve.  He plays a lot of pool.  I don't start any Christmas present projects, I play a lot of cards.  This year was the same.  I contracted the respiratory thing going around.  The bad part about it was that it masqueraded as a cold when it actually was a bacterial infection.  By the time I realized that I wasn't getting back to back colds, I'd had it a month!  During that time I didn't feel like doing much, but I did stuff anyway.  Four days after ending my medication--10 days of a strong antibiotic and 12 days of Prednizone I am coughing stuff out of my lungs (didn't feel tight until after the medicine worked for several days).  If this lasts more than a week I will seek medical care.  Duane felt fine until 2 days ago.  His "cold" symptoms are aping mine.  Trouble is that we are on the road.  We left Bushnell and are staying the weekend at our park in Summerdale, AL for the weekend.  Monday we will continue on our road to Texas.  We will have one overnight before we reach our new home for a week.  If either (or both) of us is still sick we will fine a dr. there.

While we were here we hoped to do some bike riding.  We arrived Thurs.  In the evening rain set in and stayed all day Friday, Friday night, today and tonight with just a few spells between storms.  I call them storms, but there is no wind or thunder or lightning or anything we former midwesterners associate with storms.  The rain ranged from light mist to heavy downpours.  This yesterday we went to the laundry.  Today we went to Lambert's home of the "throwed roll" for a 2pm lunch, stopped at the Wal-Mart, and to church.  Tomorrow the rain is supposed to be gone with temps in the low 70's.  If the weather co operates and Duane feels decent we may do something.  We may even take some pix!!!

Enough for now.  Tune in tomorrow for more useless information!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

My goodness dear friends. We certainly hope you do feel better today. A doctor doesn't sound like such a bad idea!

The rain has stopped here in Houston. Beautiful but hot weather for this week.