Thursday, March 31, 2016

Long Trip, Long Day

Because Duane was doing important stuff, like playing pickleball, and motorcycle rides, the date to renew his bike license kinda snuck up on him.  That meant that today he had to drive to Kilgore and get his new license sticker or not ride until it showed up in the mail--which comes to Kilgore!  Since the house was already done in December and the truck wasn't due until the end of April, he was going to ride the bike.  Then he decided to take the truck and get that license too while he was at it.  At 8 am we jumped in the truck and took off.  We took I45 (the park is just a little northeast of Houston) to SR 79 and then SR 69 into Tyler.  It was about 11:30 so I called son Jeremy at work and he met us for lunch.   Our time was short but delightful.  We crammed a lot of news in our 45 min.  From there we took ourselves to Kilgore to have the truck inspected, then down the street to get our two license stickers.  The woman in the office knew her stuff and got us back on the road in record time.  Our next stop was Jeremy's house for our mail (hey, he's free!) and to raid the freezer and to reconnect with two of our grand dogs.  Back on the road  at 2:20 we took SR 259 to 59 to 190 then CR 19 to I45.  

7Crossing Lake Livingston 

We liked this way better.  It seemed to have less traffic and prettier scenery.  Ahh, spring with the wonderful green and the bug splats on the windshield!

Just north of Houston on I45 is an exit to Sam Houston Statue Visitor Park.  Here is a Texas-sized tribute to him.

We made the usual fuel stops for the truck and ourselves and arrived home without mishaps at about 6pm.  Of course we had to unwind after our long trip so we headed to the pickleball court.  When we  had warmed up for about 1/2 hr Tom and Paula showed up for some practice games.  We turned on the lights and played into the evening.  It was 9 pm before everyone was tired enough to quit!

Tomorrow is chore day--laundry and phone calls generated by the mail.  Duane also needs to check an oil leak on the bike.  Rest assured we will get in a few pball games, though.

The weather was completely overcast all morning.  By lunchtime the clouds started thinning and by sunset the sky was mostly clear.  After dark the stars showed up in abundance.  It was really nice seeing the sky lights again!

We will have more fun tomorrow.  You will too if you join us here!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We had to get our license renewed also. We did it two weeks ago and they still aren't in the mail yet.