Saturday, March 19, 2016

Birthday Party

Today we spent most of the day at our (future) granddaughter's 4th birthday party.   This is Louise's son Jesse, his fiance Katelyn and her daughter Isabella aka Bella with her best friend--I don't know the pony's name, sorry.

It was a My Little Pony Party, in case you haven't guessed.

The invited guests were GG (great grandma) and Pawpaw (Katelyn's maternal grandparents), Grandma and Grandpa A (Katelyn's parents), Grandma and Grandpa B (Jesse's step mom and dad), and Grandpa Duane and Grandma Weezie (Jesse's step dad and mom--Jesse is my baby).

From l to r is Grandpa A, Grandma B, Duane, GG 

Jesse and Katelyn are in the corner then PawPaw, Grandpa A again, Grandma A, and (sitting) Grandpa B 

While we waited for pizza, we visited and played fun games like making the pony balloon fly and play tag,

put the sticker tail on the pony (Bella helping Grandma A)

playing plate and napkin drums

and a really fun game called tickle mommy

After pizza Bella opened gifts and turned Mommy into a Christmas Tree.  Bella is the only child I know who removes every scrap of paper and tape before opening a box.

I think this was the best present.  Every year PawPaw gathers up a year's worth of pictures and has them made into a hard bound picture book.  Priceless!

Finally time for cake!

This was our first child's birthday party where the guests were all adults.  It is also the first birthday party that went 4 hours before anyone left!  We stayed a couple more hours and played Mexican Train dominoes  with Katelyn and Jesse before we headed out.

On tap for tomorrow is more remodeling and visiting.  O Boy!!!

Louise and Duane 

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a great idea...a picture book. I want to remember this idea just in case we ever have grandchildren. Looks like everyone had a fun time.