Monday, March 21, 2016

Playin' Around

Happy first day of spring!!!  We celebrated the day by playing outside and in.  This am while I had my date with my man Perry Mason, Duane took his metal detector to the beach which was at low tide.  When he returned he sadly informed me that we are still poor.  One can only hope that the next tide will bring in the loot.  After more goofing off we ate dinner then went out geocaching.  For those not familiar with this hobby, we go online to the geocaching website and locate caches that people have hidden in the near vicinity.  The cache could be as small as a toothpick holder or as large as an ammo case.  We download the geographic coordinates to a handheld gps unit or to the gps ap on the phone.  When we find a cache, we sign the log.  If it is big enough to hold trinkets and toys, we will trade one of ours for one of theirs.    The first one was right in the park at the big gun on the hill.  It was a small one so we just signed the log.  The second was at the Bird Sanctuary.  As you can see, it was a plastic container.  We signed the log and traded treasures.    

The caches can be hidden anywhere.  This one was hidden in this shrub.

Next we drove down the road to the third one, but it was in an area where road workers could see us, so we didn't stop.  We drove down to a turn around and came back.  This sign is inside the rv park.

Texas bird of prey

When Duane downloaded pix from his phone, I saw this one taken on Thursday.  Bella is showing off the manicure Mama got her for her birthday and her beautiful rings we got her.  She looks tired, so I had to offset this pic with 

this one taken today.  She was having fun jumping on the bed.  

A good place to end, I think.   Perry and I thank you for dropping in.  (The show is on  in the evening also, and I was half listening to it as I prepared this blog.  Yes, I truly am a fan!)

Tomorrow,  Tuesday, is our last day here.  No telling what exciting things tomorrow will bring!

Louise and Duane 

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

When we first stated to travel, we had all intentions of caching. We haven't done a one. Looks like a lot of fun though.

Love the bird of prey sign. What a hoot.

Bella is a doll.