Friday, March 18, 2016


Hello Faithful Viewers,

Today was a humdrum day.  It was the first day since we've been here that the clouds cleared out and the blue sky showed through all day!  Of course we stayed inside.  The day was overcast and foggy for a bit but then got hot and sticky in a hurry.  We did our stuff in the am.  After lunch we drove into Freeport to the Washateria.  I love that.  No mundane laundromats here, nope.  We go to the Washateria!  Two hours later we were on our way home with clean laundry and a few groceries.   Jesse called to say that he was home and could Duane come help him with the kitchen sink.  His new counter top looked good with a glossy finish.  Duane and Jesse had to work at it a bit but finally got the sink in.  I visited with Katelyn's parents, Katelyn and Bella.   Bella showed off her mani/pedi that Mommy got her for her birthday, complete with purple polish.  After a bit Grandma and Grandpa took Bella to their house for an overnight.  The four of us went to a small chain restaurant called Bay City for seafood.  After some lively conversation and pretty good food, we went our separate ways--Jesse and Katelyn out for date night, we went home to relax.

I know, too much excitement there.  Tomorrow is Bella's surprise birthday party.  You will finally get to see some family pix.  I know you can't wait!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I would much rather do our laundry at the Washateria, then to try to use a small RV washer/dryer. It took me all day when we had one.

Enjoy the surprise party.