Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Moving Day

We had a nice day for traveling--bright overcast if a bit windy.  The wind blew us along for most of the way.  We took 6 around the west side of Houston.  Duane was trying to avoid the toll road, but probably spent the difference in fuel stopping at all of the lights.  The road is very developed with all kinds of businesses.  The towns we passed through weren't small.  As we full-timers say, though, its the journey--not the destination.  

This is a giant statue of Steven Austin.  This is Texas, you know.

Buc-ees is a chain fueling station/everything you will ever need store.  These signs start appearing about 170 miles out.  I think the signs are hilarious.  The stores are a wonder to behold.  If you are ever near a Buc-ees, do the tourist thing and stop in.  I can just about guarantee that you will find something you want!

We left the Quintana park at 8:15 and drove to a vehicle inspection station.  In Texas each of your vehicles (all types of trailers included) must be inspected before you can receive your new license sticker.  Every year.  A big pain for us travelers.  We drove to an inspection station to get the trailer inspected because we got an out of state waiver since we had to license it in December.  We had a limited time for the inspection once we reentered Texas.  Fortunately the inspector said that for new trailers the inspection is usually good for 2 years.  Yay!  We drove on to our next park.  

This park is quite a bit out of our way but we had not been here before and wanted to check it out.  We arrived about 12:30.  There was one 50 amp site left (all sites except annual rentals) are first come first served. We opted for a more level 30 amp site.  The park is nicely maintained with gravel parking and nice big grassy areas between sites.  The park is know to be frequented by this herd of deer.

How many can you see--there will be a test.

A view of the Colorado River--no relation to the Grand Canyon one.

This park is located just west of Columbus, TX.  The sites are nice and long too.

One of the local wise guys.

One of the local beauties.  This one is, of all things, a thistle!

We set ourselves up, relaxed while we ate lunch, then made a grocery run.  Since the local Wal-Mart is an older one with a small grocery section, we opted to get food at the H-E-B next door.  We found most of what we needed, but the Easter holiday coming up requires some extra provisions. We found the Whopper (malted milk) eggs, but our  ice cream selection was limited.  Duane is an ice cream piggy but I eat it a spoon at a time.  We found only gallons at the H-E_B.  We also needed the marshmallow peeps.  We ended up at the Wal-Mart anyway.  The good news is that we found pints of Blue Bell and each got our favorite flavor.  The peeps situation was getting desperate, however.  We perused the Easter candy section carefully but came up empty.Then we found separate displays at the ends of several shelving units.  Finally  Duane found the peeps!  Easter was saved! He selected his yellow bunnies and we left the store in triumph, secure in the knowledge that we could happily celebrate Easter in our customary style!

Our chores and the weather (intermittent mistiness and gusty wind) kept our explorations to a minimum today.  Hopefully tomorrow we can check out the pickleball court and maybe get in some practice.

See ya later--hopefully,

Louise and Duane

Test answer--there were seven deer in the picture.

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We always stop at Buc-ees. We always get the kolaches. They are delicious.

Glad Duane has his peeps. I am sure he would have been a bear without them.