Thursday, March 24, 2016

Such A Beautiful Day!

It was!  But not this morning.  A cold front blew in a thunderstorm or two and we woke to a chilly, windy, wet day.  We messed around in our jammies until 10 before the day started to look decent.  We decided to go outside and do something.  We jumped into the truck and headed for Katy, TX and the Costco.  We decided that the labyrinth of  a highway system that they have there is quite ridiculous.  The criss-cross of roads has an access road on each side, but the roads only go one way.  We missed our exit and had to go a couple of miles further before we could exit and turn around.  The architects of the roadway fiasco even messed up the u-turn lane.  When you exit in the u-turn lane you do it to get right back onto the highway.  At Katy, the u-turn lane has to yield to all traffic--including the left turning traffic that didn't use the u-turn lane!  Yeesh!  At last we got turned back around and found the Costco.  $300 later we exited with out 6 month supply of dark chocolates and some superfluous things like meat, health items, and a healthy alternative to soda.  After all that shopping (and the required grazing--you Costco and Sam's Club people know what I'm talkin about) we were hungry.  We went in search of a Texas Roadhouse and actually found it!  Unfortunately, it was one of those that opened at 4pm.  We settled for Firehouse Subs.  Back home we stopped at the entrance of the park for these pix of longhorns.  The heavy ones are on a Watusi (we think).  

After we got stuff put away and rested a bit, we decided to take a walk around the park and take some pictures of the amenities.

A pix of our house.  I think we already had one of these in an earlier blog, but this one shows the beautiful blue sky and green, green grass.

An extension  of the view past the truck.

One of the attractions of the park is its proximity to the Colorado River.  Today we saw this herd of cattle come down for a drink.

18 hole mini golf course among the pecan trees.  The little posts hold lights for night time games.  The greens were new and the course was in top notch condition.  

We think this used to be a basketball court.  Now it is a big fire circle with small grills around the perimeter.

New pickleball court

New basketball court with grass volleyball/badminton court behind it

Small but nice swimming pool--it was open, too.  In the building behind it were changing rooms, restrooms, showers and in the building on the right was a

hot tub.

Across the road we saw this herd of deer.  Another test--how many do you see?

Directly across from the deer is this activity building.  From left to right it houses a 4w/4d laundry, a work out room with a treadmill, a exercise bike, a tv and tape player, a nice library with the exercise cassettes for your workout, the office, and an all purpose room including jigsaw puzzles.

Ok, here's a hint to the quiz.

On the way back home we stopped to talk to some people with motorcycles by their truck.  We had a nice get acquainted chat and decided that before we leave on Wed. we are going on at least one ride together.  They also contacted a couple that they met in Lake Conroe Thousand Trails park, out next destination.  That couple are ready for us to arrive and ride with them.  We love rving bike riders!

 More fun next time,

Louise and Duane  

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where's weaver said...

I want to come to your house. I love dark chocolate.
Your park looks lovely.