Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Moving Day

We only went 120 miles.  We went to Conroe Lake, the other Thousand Trails park in this area.  We had visited here a while ago on a bike day trip, but this is to be our first stay.    The first part of our route was a repeat of our bike trip on Monday.  This time I was prepared to snap some pix of things that whizzed by me before.  

 Thoroughbred Racehorse farm in beef country

This is the hamlet of Welcome.  It comes and goes so quickly that by the time you read the sign the last house is behind you!

 Bilbo says,"Roads go ever ever on  Under cloud and under star.....

In Benham I saw this rock house (background)  If I ever have to stay put I would like to have a house like this.

This is one of the best TT parks that we have visited.  We have not seen the other sections, but the first one--where we decided to stop--has nice big slots with nice grassy areas between sites.  When I was walking around I saw this little travel trailer.  I didn't know Winnebago made travel trailers.  

The park activities are centered in an area not far from the front gate.  The fishing lake is in the background on the right.  Here are two  basketball courts.  To the left in a line are

shuffleboard and (beyond) horseshoes,

one tennis court and four pickleball courts,

mini golf,

and a playground.  All of these areas look new.

Next to them are the activities center with the kitchen and laundry (behind me), a covered picnic area and the family activity/chapel building with the adults-only lounge on the left and the work out room on the right.

On the other side is a large grassy area then the pavilions around

the swimming pool.

Beyond the pool are some of the nice cabins available for rent.

If I stand outside the pickleball court there is a grassy area, the road and our rig, second on the right.  Our white truck is facing this way.

Just as I finished with my photos, the sun popped out of the clouds for a few seconds.  This doesn't show how it appeared to me--a perfect, glowing, molten orange ball.  Beautiful!!!

This afternoon we went decided to practice some pickleball.  After a few minutes of practicing our wind ball game, Tom and Paula showed up to practice.  Of course we had to have a few games before the rain, which threatened us all day, finally ended our fourth game.  Later after the rain moved on I saw our newest friends out walking their dog and took their picture.  We plan to have many more games together before we leave.  

We have plans for lots of pickleball games and bike rides (Eddie and Gloria, whom we met on Monday greeted us when we first arrived).  The weather is not cooperating until Friday afternoon, though.  

Tomorrow we go to Kilgore and Longview.

Louise and Duane

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