Monday, May 01, 2017

The Hard Stuff

Sundays are days of pt rest—easy and only 30 minutes (see Better N Better blog).  Today Duane’s favorite (but most demanding) pt buddy put him through his paces.  First he and his walker strode around the pt room several times, concentrating on keeping his left foot turned out and rolling from heal to toe, then he spent a couple of minutes with his toe on a step and his heel on the floor stretching his calves. (All of the following exercises are done with both legs.)  Next he had his knee extension measured.



Muscle stretching—one knee with heat under it, the other  on a block, trying for full extension.


Further stretch with her inching closer and lifting that leg higher.


Duane is progressing very nicely.  He would ordinarily be sent home soon with a walker, but since our space is too small for one, he needs to be proficient with just one cane.  He has a tendency to walk the cane in sync with his right leg.  He really has to concentrate on left leg with cane, left toe turned out, heel first then roll on the toe, and  longer strides to stretch thigh muscles.


When he had his legs all stretched, he had to peddle to contract them again! 


Last of all, steps. (Sorry, I was unable to post the picture of the steps.  There was a guy in the background and I am not allowed to take pix of anyone else.  I didn’t notice that guy back there until I downloaded the pix.)  After 1 1/2 hours of this he was ready for his usual ice packs and nap.


I was glad to be able to watch all of this and listen to what the pt was saying since I will be Duane’s pt coach when he comes home.  It is always hard for me to watch Duane try to bend his knees with all of that tape holding on the gauze pads.  It goes almost all the way around his knees.  The  therapist explained that the tape  restrict his movement somewhat, but as the swelling goes down, the tape will not be an issue.

When I got home,  Lyle’s RV Repair informed me that our warranty will pay for our refrigerator cooling unit and the labor.  The part is ordered and will probably come in tomorrow.  Good thing I planned on staying home tomorrow.

Making progress on my sewing project too.

Louise and Duane

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