Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Home Torture

Home at last!  Time to rest, recuperate, get back into the old routine.  Not!!!  First we have to get up 91/2 inch steps,


then up and down 91/2 inch steps.  I was watching every step to make sure he cleared each one.  Whew! 

These are the steps to the bathroom and he has slipped down them before.  He tried several different methods before he found the best way.


After that warmup it was time for a walk.


After ice, nap, and lunch we did our first home team pt.  I counted seconds, Duane counted reps. 



Another walk around of the park, ice, nap.  An evening of tv, homecoming dewberry pie (very delicious) and time for his own shower and bed.

I am glad that I cleared my schedule for his home care.  Duane is very self sufficient, but he still requires help with a lot of things. 

Tomorrow, first out patient pt.

Louise and Duane

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