Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No Longer Puzzled

After skipping two pt sessions—one because of the threat of blood clots, and one because of the Labor Day holiday—Duane went through his usual pt  today. This consists of standing stretches between the bars,  stretches lying on a padded table, and 3 machines.   By the time he was was done, he couldn’t complete his last machine.  He stretched out a bit by walking around the Walmart, but he went straight to his chair at home and took a nap.  In the evening we walked a mile before tucking in for the night.

Last blog I reported that I was working on a 3-d jigsaw puzzle.  I’d completed the house, but had a bunch of pieces and several frames left.  After a couple of hours piecing these together I discovered that the house was the complete puzzle.  The frames and extra pieces IMG_1422

were what was left after the jigsaw machine stamped out the house parts.  The machine cut the background into puzzle pieces.  I have no idea why the previous owner didn’t throw them out.  I did.  This evening I borrowed a regular jigsaw from the rv park stash. 

Keeping cool, or at least trying,

Louise and Duane

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