Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fry Day

Every Memorial Day weekend (son) Jeremy invites various friends, family, and neighbors over for a fishing tournament and (pot luck) fish fry.  Some of those people invite their relatives and friends.  When we arrived for the party we found only a handful of people we know, and some people Jeremy didn’t know either!  No matter, everyone is welcome.  Duane ensconced himself on the back porch for a chat with Rob, (who is married to Jeremy’s (step) sis, Sherra.  If they look to their left, they can see


Jeremy’s hydroponic tomato garden.  Underneath the porch


Jeremy was hard at work deboning and fileting catfish, and Allie and her friend were spiral cutting potatoes.  From there the food went just outside to



the fryers.  Those people in the distance are the potato peelers.


The fish was made in spicy and plain batches.  The fries are in the back next to an extra hot batch of fish waiting to be cooked. In addition to fish and French fries there was potato salad, baked beans,


and brownies, and several dozen cookies.

Allie and her friend also made some funnel cake batter.  The funnel cake was delicious. 


Looking straight out, Duane and Rob could see all of the activity in the pool.


These guys, including Luke and his cousin Ryan (on the right), decided it would be fun to spray water up on the trampoline.


As a reward for his hard work, Jeremy enjoyed a visit with Sherra.


A late afternoon thunderstorm moved everyone to shelter, but the party continued outside on the porches and inside the house.


We left between storms, and came home to no electric.  Our refrigerator wasn’t working either.  It was supposed to automatically change to propane.  We switched propane tanks, but it still wouldn’t work on propane.  We turned on the generator to get the fridge temp down, and were preparing to turn it off again when the power came back on.  We went back to electric and tried the fridge on propane again.  This time it worked.  Yay!

That was exciting!

Louise and Duane

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