Sunday, May 21, 2017

Almost Official

To qualify as a nasty day, the weather has to be chilly and wet.  This morning was officially nasty weather-wise, but a great time to visit and play with the family.  Luke missed this morning’s breakfast at Denny’s because he stayed up too late last night, but we took breakfast home to him.  Allie, who loves a rainy day, present and chatty. (Don’t be deceived by her picture.  She is a just bit self-conscious about her metal mouth.)  Jennifer, as usual, opted for a sleep-in.


The rain persisted so we decided to be productive and make peach pie.  We played a lively game of Payday while Jennifer enjoyed her pizza breakfast and the pie baked.


Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the pie until it was almost gone.  We opted for a crumble crust instead of a double crust.  It was much yummier.  Grandpa, the invalid, got to take home the last two pieces.


About 2 pm Duane lost energy and needed to sit in his recliner with ice on his knees.  The clouds thinned out and let the sun shine enough to warm the air past 60 d.  After a couple of hours, though, the clouds and chilly,damp air returned, but not the rain.

Nice to get out for a visit.

Louise and Duane

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