Saturday, May 13, 2017


During Duane’s post op visit with his surgeon, I asked him about our conversation with the physical therapist that told us that after knee replacement surgeries some surgeons don’t replace the patella.   (See Things That Make You Go Hmmm posting).  He said that at one time there was some debate about that, but that anyone who doesn’t put in plastic kneecaps is behind the current medical thinking.  He said that the plastic pieces are glued onto the hardware, just as the hardware is glued onto the reshaped bones.  (See pic of x-ray in Progression blog.)  He said to listen, then tapped his own replaced knee.  It sounded like a thin piece of plastic flexing.  I told Duane that when all the swelling went down, he could amuse his grandchildren with his new patellae. 

More stuff next time.

Louise and Duane

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