Friday, May 26, 2017

Backdoor Permission

All of Duane’s tests,we learned, were looking for blood clots because an indicator in his blood had a number of 8.3 instead of the normal .0-.04.  All of his subsequent tests—chest x-ray and ct scan, and leg sonogram—turned up nothing.  Duane went to pt this morning before his afternoon sonogram.  When he explained his situation to his therapist, she said that she would rather wait until all tests were in before she resumed pt.  Home he went to lay low until he got the ok from our doctor to resume exercise and pt.  I lay low because the weather turned hot ( mid 80’s, with an afternoon high of 91) and humid by 10 am and made it too hot for a 2 mile walk.  About 4 pm, the dr.’s office called to say that there was no indication of any clots and no indication that Duane couldn’t resume his activities.  She could not say anything definite because the doc was out of the office all next week and hadn’t looked at the last test result and hadn’t given her official ok.  Hmmm.  We decided to take  walk around at 6 pm.  Bad idea.  We made a mile at about 2 mph, and decided that we should have waited until after sunset.  It was hot inside our house too.  Duane did a few chair exercises and called it good enough. 

More hot weather tomorrow before we get a break.

Louise and Duane

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