Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Our life is full of stuff to do but it’s all the same stuff: pt, walking, meals, tv, resting.  For a change today after Duane’s therapist tortured him by making him bend his knees back past 90 degrees, we walked around the grocery gathering essentials, then treated ourselves to lunch at Burger King.  Woo hoo!!.  For something different this afternoon, I made a pot of my version of Italian Wedding Soup.  Mine is red, not green.  I was thinking about making chili also, but decided that one soup a day was enough excitement. 

Thinking about chili reminded me of this story.  This happened when we had a house in Texas.  I met a woman from Mississippi who was living in Louisiana.  One hot afternoon we were out shopping and what not, when she heaved a big sigh.  When I asked what prompted it she said that she was trying to think of what to make for dinner when she got home.  She  said that she wanted some chili but it was too hot for chili.  I laughed!  I said “Wait a minute.  You go from an air-conditioned house to your air-conditioned car to air-conditioned buildings and back again.  How can it be too hot for chili?”  She said that’s what her mama always said and that they never had chili until it got cold enough.  I asked if heavy dishes like roast and potatoes had to wait for cold weather, and received a “no”.  She could not explain the difference.

I left her to her dilemma, went home and made chili.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll do something interesting.

Duane and Louise

PS  The temp outside was in the eighties.  The soup was wonderfully delicious.

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