Friday, May 05, 2017

Two New Things

Today for a change I decided to eat lunch with Duane, and then attend his afternoon pt session.  Today for the first time he wore his shoes and socks for the session.  He put them on himself without any help from me.


While he used this step to stretch his legs by rocking forward and back, I shared my concerns with his therapist.  I needed to know if he would be able to get into the truck so that I wouldn’t have to rent a car, and if I needed to get a cane for him.  In reply to the latter, his case worker walked up and informed us that Medicare would be supplying a cane for him and that it would be delivered to the hospital on Monday.  To answer my other question, I was told to meet Duane at the front door with the truck.


With a bit of advice and a hands-on assist, he was able to make it in and out with a 6” step,


and, with some difficulty, without it.  This was excellent because after he comes home he will be going to Kilgore three times a week for out-patient therapy.


Back inside he had to get up and sit down using only his legs for 10 reps then a rest for a total of 50 reps. 


Time for ice and a chat about rving before he headed back to his room for a nap.


On my way home I stopped by the store and got a step just like the one he used today, and a kid’s plastic ball (which he will squeeze between his knees as part of his therapy) so that I will be ready to bring him home on Tuesday.

Staying home the next two days.

Louise and Duane

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Donna B. McNicol said...

We had the same issue with Stu and our F-250. We bought a good quality stool from a medical supply store and kept it in the truck. Worked wonderfully. We still have it, too useful in the RV, and built to last.