Friday, May 19, 2017

Trying To Keep Cool


It’s a good thing that we did our running around yesterday.  Today was stinking hot!  At 9 am when we left for morning pt, the temp was in the upper eighties with a warm breeze.  Luckily the sky was mostly overcast, but when the sun was out we baked.  After pt we made one stop to pick up a prescription, then stayed in most of the day with the air conditioner trying to keep us from sweltering. About 4 pm we did walk one round of the park (1/2 mile) before we gave it up as a lost cause.  Duane napped a lot, so I had plenty of time to enjoy myself.  About 9 pm I decided to get in the rest of my walk.  The sky was still mostly overcast, with one or two bright stars overcoming the clouds and  street lights.  The temp was still in the 80’s, but a cool breeze made the walk quite pleasant.  

That’s about it.

Louise and Duane

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