Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Another fun way to beat the heat—lay low with a jigsaw puzzle.  I found this one in my stash.  This is different from any other 3-D jigsaw I’ve worked. 


Sorting the pieces had me scratching my head.  There seemed to be several borders.


After 1/2 hour or so I had the house and its ‘yard’ put together.  It wasn’t hard, just tricky.  I learned to put the notched pieces—like the porch roof—onto the house before putting the interlocking pieces together.


It took me much longer to figure out that there are about 5 platforms to this puzzle, each fitting inside the other and forming the yard outside the house.  I think. The picture on the box doesn’t show anything but what I’ve already done, so everything else is guesswork!  Should keep me busy for a while.


  The air at 8 pm was warm and muggy and very still.  There was a lot of moisture in the air, which took the sharp edges from the moon and made the sunset pink and purple clouds smudgy but still very pretty. We enjoyed the view as we took our evening walk.

Back to pt tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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