Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Who’s The Genius?

I’ve been wondering about the answer to this question since I’ve been seeing ads for those “medical device” services.  You know the ones I mean.  They give you free back or knee braces or some such and will contact Medicare for you.  “Of course”, I think, “you will have to give them your Medicare claim number for that.”  That got me to thinking about my Medicare card.  When I got my Social Security card, I was told to never carry it, but to lock it away in a safe place.  Once anyone got my number, I was warned, then my life and my finances would be toast.  Then I received my Medicare card.  “Carry it with you!”  I was told.  Really?  When I looked at my brand new Medicare card number what did I find but my Social Security number!  So let’s recap.  Hide my Social Security card and carry my Medicare card.  The question remains, “Who’s the genius who decided that my Medicare claim number should be my Social Security number?” 

Just one of my musings on yet another rainy day.

Louise and Duane

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