Thursday, June 01, 2017

Hodge Podge

Between the hot muggy weather and the slow pace of Duane’s recovery, I find myself becoming very adept and imaginative at the art of Keeping Busy at home.  With that in mind, here are the highlights of the past 24 hours.

Last night when Duane opened the medicine cupboard in the bathroom, a bug crawled out and dropped into the sink drain.  As it was climbing out, he called me to come see.  It was a rather pretty butterscotch color, about 1/2” long, winged. We agreed that it was a roach and dispatched it forthwith.  

Duane did sleep better on the new foam that I got for the bed.  He stayed in the bed for a whole hour and a half, a full half hour past his record.

I discovered a recumbent bike at the activity center, but he was still unable to use it.  (That was the machine that he couldn’t finish during Wednesday’s pt.)

One of the tv stations that airs Murder She Wrote reruns for 2 hours each weekday was off air, so I started a new book—The Water Room by Christopher Fowler.  It is his third book with the same characters, members of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit.  I found it in the park library.  So far so good.

While I was at the “library”, I found a new jigsaw puzzle that I brought home to solve.

The evening sky was full of dramatic cloudage.  There were several layers of clouds, all going different directions, ranging from brightest white to darkest gray, with intermittent views of the 1/2 moon sailing in a blue sky.  The clouds cooled the air considerably, and added some interesting viewing while we walked, mainly because I kept tripping because I was watching the sky and not my feet.

Top that!

Louise and Duane

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