Thursday, June 29, 2017

VK Day

That stands for Victory in Kilgore Day.  The files are finally finished!  The windows are sparkling!  The fruit flies are vanquished!

The files are self-explanatory.  Yesterday I intended to clean just the awnings, but ended up cleaning the whole outside of the house.  Today Duane actually went up and down the ladder 6 times to wash the windows but mainly to bend and stretch his legs more than he can do on the ground.  The fruit flies have been multiplying because I couldn’t find their origin.  It’s usually an onion that died in the veg basket.  This time it was two onions that escaped behind the basket and hid in a dark corner.  I had to take everything out of the cupboard to find them, but they’re not feeding and breeding little buggers any more.

Not a bad day’s work.

Louise and Duane

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