Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let’s Go!

Two things are motivating us to get busy: extra time now that Duane does pt at home (no drive time, no machine time), and we are leaving here in mid July.  Today I decided that the dirty awnings had bugged me enough.  While I was on the roof washing awnings, I also washed the roof.  Then, since the sides of the house were wet, I washed them too.  We both worked on the files.  He separates each file contents into keep and trash.  I shred or throw away the trash and go through the keep weeding out duplicates and other useless things, and rearranging the good stuff in my own way, now that I am Keeper of the Files.  I have also been gathering up piles of papers and magazines and making him sort those too.  Now we have only one file left.

Duane has one thing that he has to do before we leave.  For some unknown reason our address has been changed by one number by some unknown person.  The Kilgore post office supervisor knows nothing about this.  The mail carrier has changed the number on the box.  All of our mail with printed labels comes with the new address.  Now we need to know if we need to change the number on our legal stuff like drivers’ licenses, passports, etc. now or if it will automatically change when we renew them,  if we need to carry some kind of explanation with our licenses, and if we need to inform friends/relatives of the change. 

More about that later.

Louise and Duane

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