Monday, June 19, 2017

Fathers’ Day

Sunday breakfast was at Cracker Barrel for a change.  In honor of Fathers’ Day, Jennifer joined the fun.  After breakfast, the family went in search of Jeremy’s FD gift.  Duane and I went home for a nap which didn’t happen.  The phone kept ringing as the other kids called with their Fathers’ Day greetings.  Duane was delighted by all of the calls.


We traded naps for family fun time.  We went around the corner and down the street to find Jennifer and Allie giving Frosty some hot weather relief,


and Luke cooling off with the power washer.


Duane got brave and decided on some water therapy.


Once he was sure of his balance, he got into a lively game of volleyball with Luke.


Soon after this pic, the rest of the family joined us in the pool.  Allie and Jeremy joined the game.  Jennifer and I hung out in the deep end and enjoyed a nice chat.  I was having too much fun to get out of the pool to take more pictures!

Still trying to beat the heat,

Louise and Duane

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