Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Test Results

I think that I forgot to tell you that the Dr. examined all of the test from last week and decided that Duane was officially released for pt and walking.  The unofficial opinion, with which I concur, is that the first two weeks that Duane was home he was trying too hard and had set himself up for a crash.  I have noticed, though, that this week he is much warmer—no longer shivering under his blanket—and that his temperature is down a degree.  That doesn’t seem like much, but apparently it makes a big difference in how he feels.

For a change this week, we have pt twice in a row on Wednesday and Thursday.  This morning Duane managed 3 minutes on the bicycle.  I doubt that he will be able to do it tomorrow unless the therapist doesn’t do the dreaded leg hold.  We had to change pt to Thursday because we see the surgeon again on Friday morning.


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