Monday, June 12, 2017

More Repairs?

When we were visiting Duane Jr and family in February, we had some work done on the truck.  About a week after that we started occasionally getting a whiff of a very bad smell in the cab, strong enough so that even Duane could smell it.  It would last a few seconds then be gone.  It gradually got worse, but we couldn’t go back to where it was repaired because we had moved 170 miles to Kilgore.  We continued to discuss what could be wrong and decided that there must be an exhaust leak somewhere under the hood.  By this time we had decided to go ahead with Duane’s surgery and wouldn’t have any time for repairs.  Meanwhile, we worked around the problem by turning the air conditioning on recirculate.  This worked very well until recently when the smell started coming into the cab in spite of keeping the air on recirculate.  Because of this problem, this afternoon Duane drove to the neighboring town of Gladewater to a repair shop recommended by our park manager.  After talking to the repair guy, he made an appointment for Thursday morning.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Louise and Duane

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