Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alone Time

Duane was gone all day today (Saturday).  He took himself to Tyler to attend class and requalify for his Texas concealed weapons permit.  This left me the luxury of having the whole house and several hours to myself.  I did my things in total peace and quiet with no interruptions but my own.  I wouldn’t want to do it on a full-time basis, but I really enjoyed the time I had today.  After he arrived home and iced his aching knees, we went to the kids’ house to recirculate the pool water for a few hours while they are away for the weekend.  Of course, we couldn’t enjoy having the pool to ourselves because Duane was gone all day.  Also it rained all night and half of today and the sun put in only a brief appearance late this afternoon.  That lowered the pool temp to the chilly stage.  The family won’t be home until Monday.  The weather is supposed to be much warmer and drier tomorrow, so that we are hoping for some pool time tomorrow afternoon.  Meanwhile we hope you enjoy this rare view of the family’s resident roadrunner. 



Louise and Duane

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