Thursday, April 20, 2017

Old Diner

Louise informed me that I had not published this blog from a week or so ago. So here it is a little out of order but but not by much.

To take advantage of a beautiful afternoon, we hopped the bike for a ride to Kilgore.  We’d eaten at this restaurant several years ago, and decided to give it another try.


Inside is an open area with a bar at one end.


The rest of the place is eating area.  This is an upscale version of the basic Texas b-b-q joint.  Usually you go in, get your bbq cafeteria style, and find a table.  Here we had a waitress who rattled off the menu, took our order in her head, and brought it to our table.  The bbq was typical delicious Texas fare.  My brisket was good.   Duane enjoyed his brisket and ribs.

We had only a couple of reservations:  the brisket was just a tad dry, and the meals were a bit pricey.  Otherwise, everything was fine.


After a pleasurable hour we stopped for a few errands, then went home..  (We couldn’t visit our kids.  They weren’t home.)

Later, gator.

Louise and Duane

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