Monday, April 10, 2017

Good Day

On Sunday the Eagle flew south through an entire day of perfect spring weather.  From Tyler, TX110 linked into TX135


which stopped in Jacksonville.


From there we picked up US69 as far as Rusk,


where TX343, a quiet two-lane road gave us a nice scenic ride,IMG_0794

until we hit several unexpected miles of road improvements—read loose gravel


and good ole’ Texas red clay.


Fortunately, it was a relatively short stretch.IMG_0808

The ride was very enjoyable from there all the way to Nacogdoches (Nak-a-doshus).



We rode through the modern part of town to the original settlement site in the historic old town area.




Our original plan was to eat at the Olde Towne Restaurant which was recommended in Road Runner Magazine.  Unfortunately it was closed, but kitty-corner from it, Dottie’s Diner (owned by the same couple), was open and waiting to feed us.


It was small and full.  During our short wait for a table, we chatted with the other couple in line, who gladly shared a big table with us.  The food was good, with a wide variety of sandwiches and breakfast served all day.  Most sandwich/fries platters averaged between $6-9.


Before we left we wandered around the Visitors' center, and learned quite a bit of history ofNacogdoches, including the fact that it is the oldest town in Texas.


Our homeward route started with TX21, another scenic two-laner, with enough dips and rises and gentle curves to make an interesting ride.


21 linked up to US69 which took us all the way back to Tyler.  Our (approximately) 170 mile trip took us 6 hours, including the couple of hours we used eating and poking around Nacogdoches.  The rides in this area (the Piney Woods) are nothing spectacular.  What makes rides here enjoyable are the abundance of well-paved country roads with long stretches between towns and settlements and little traffic.

Next, a little more of our day.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

A beautiful day for a drive. We have never actually stopped and looked at Nacogdoches. Cute little town.