Friday, April 28, 2017

Not Too Shabby

Duane said I was mean.  He said that he wasn’t filing another thing and that the files are mine now.  I say that was the pain killers talking.  If he got back home and found the files all cleaned out he would freak out thinking of all of the important stuff I blithely shredded or threw out! 

After my ordeal of driving and trying to navigate at the same time and of dealing with the fridge, I took a walk around the park, took myself to Denny’s for one of their delicious sirloin steak cobb salads and a bit of a read, and went home with a glass of ice for my Diet Pepsi.  After my shower and a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, I was feeling quite human again.

Today was another – and + day.  I awoke after eight solid hours of sleep.  Nice.   I retrieved my breakfast from down the street, then made two trips walking to the laundry.  I met one of my neighbors there and we discovered that we had quite a few similar interests.   As I was chatting with my CA son,  he suggested looking in the truck console for the warranty booklet.  Out of the mouths of babes—there it was.  I was able to contact Lyle with the information he needed but not before his office closed, so it will be Monday before he can get the warranty stuff settled and get on with getting our parts.  Back home with clean laundry, I checked the fridge.  It’s quite dead—65d. inside.  O Well.  I played phone tag with Lyle and was finally able to get all of the information that he requested, but not in time before the weekend.  No matter.  I drove to son Jeremy’s house for a visit and to help him work on his pump house, mainly by keeping him company and holding a board steady  here and there.



In exchange he loaded up his mini fridge for me to use until ours is fixed.  He drove it to the house, unloaded it, and got it running.  He also provided a cooler large enough for 10 pounds of ice (smallest bag available around here).  I do like my tea and my Pepsi over ice.

Duane called a couple of times.  He had 1 1/2 hours of physical therapy in the morning and 1/1/2 hours of occupational therapy in the afternoon.  In exchange for his efforts, he is now allowed to get in and out of bed and his chair and walk with his walker unassisted.  Yay!  As part of his occupational therapy he finally got a shower!  Double yay!

More mundane stuff next time.

Louise and Duane

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