Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Light Show


Not much to do today so we filled it with activities.  We played pickleball all morning.  The afternoon held a follow-up doctor’s visit for me—my last one.  Yay!  In the evening we took the bike to Kilgore (30 miles) to watch Luke play baseball.  His team lost the game, but he played fairly well so Grandpa rewarded his efforts with a giant icee.


The highlight of the day was the ride home.  Overhead the 1/2 moon shone brightly.  Our road led directly west, into the sunset.  We were able to watch the horizon change gradually from a beautiful deep orange to a creamy peach.  There was also a jet with a vapor trail.  The sunlight hit it just right and made it look like a fiery white comet with a pink tail.  Awesome!  Unfortunately, you’ll have to take my description for it.  I had put the camera in the saddle bag thinking that I wouldn’t need it! 

We had a request for a pic of the pineapple up-side-down cake in a Bundt pan. Here you can see the pineapple slices in the small grooves.


Here it is with the brown sugar and cherries on top.  I thought it needed more cherries, but it was still yummy.  (Like swiped the missing cherry.)


Tomorrow we have nothing more exciting planned than to talk to Duane’s ortho guy.  His office called today, but Duane missed the call until too late.

We’ll keep you posted.

Louise and Duane.